If You're Happy and Annoyed Clap Your Hands

I'm happy because…
-It's Friday. And I don't care who you are, but everyone loves Friday.

-My parents are here visiting so that they can bring home all of stuff from my apartment. And it's pretty awesome to actually get excited for the fun that you have when your parents are visiting. I lucked out in that sense because I actually enjoy hanging out, eating and drinking, and doing fun things (like going to the Yanks game tonight) almost as much if not just as much as I do when doing all of those things with my friends.

-The cartons of strawberries on my street's fruit stand are 2 for $3.00

-Eric Decker's face. That is all.

-In one week, I no longer have to walk by mountains full of garbage, or pass the homeless man that has just recently decided to set up shop ten feet away from my apartment entrance, or have to refill my metro card just to have the bus driver look straight at me before deciding not to stop to let me on.

-There's a flight to Charlotte sitting pretty in my Travelocity app.

-I've actually been pretty successful over the past two weeks in not eating crap. I don't always eat super well, but I at least haven't been eating anything processed or packaged. Fruits and veggies are currently making up 75% of my diet.

I'm annoyed because…
-I still feel just as fluffy around the edges as I did before I decided to forgo the packaged foods I love so much. Cough Chipotle obviously doesn't factor into all of this even though it's packaged up into a tinfoil bowl, cough.

-I think The Bachelorette sucks this season. And I am a die hard Bachelor/ette fan. Can she just marry Josh the athlete already? If not, I'll gladly step up to the plate.

-Of all the people who "don't get" the World Cup and feel the need to broadcast it all over social media. I totally get that you don't get it because I'm not watching any games other than the U.S. ones really. But HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU NOT WATCH AND ROOT FOR AMERICA?! That's just mind boggling to me. The pride and excitement I feel while posted up in a packed bar screaming and jumping up and down at each goal is like none other.

-Time Warner Cable exists.

-I won't be able to use my Seamless app to order myself some shrimp tempura sushi rolls (with spicy mayo duh because that shit is an orange sensation) that will then be delivered to my front door within a matter of fifteen minutes. It's like magic, I tell ya. And magic apparently doesn't exist in tiny no-stoplight towns like mine.

-Like I said on Twitter the other day, distance sucks more than stepping in dog shit, getting a paper cut, and having a hangover all at once. Eight more days, people. Eight more days.

-But like I started out saying... It's Friday. Let's celebrate.

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