Friday, err, Thursday Favorites

First off, today is my Friday. Secondly, I'm hopping on a plane at 4:30 this afternoon to head down to Charlotte again until Monday morning. So excuse me for a moment while I jump around like a six year old little girl who just found out her mom would let her go get her ears pierced. A quick shout out to my mother, and Claire's, and teeny tiny silver star studs for my own version of that story some nineteen years ago.

But since I'll be lounging by the pool all day tomorrow (please weather gods make this 30% chance of rain stay far far away from me) instead of working and doing normal day to day things, I won't have a post for you. I'm not sure why I even give a reason for not blogging anymore since I kind of haven't done any of that for the entire last month, but hey, there it is anyway. So seeing as how I'm pretending that it's Friday and all, I figured "Friday Thursday Favorites" seemed fitting. 

And of course I had to make a collage for these favoritest things, per usual. Have I ever mentioned that I could make collages like this all day? Oh I have? Shit. But seriously, anybody out there need a full-time collage creator? Hit me up. I do need a job come end of summer time after all…

1. Floral Heels - I mean, just look at them. I never even knew that my heart wanted floral heels but here we are wanting them. Except for I'll never own a pair of pricey ass Dolce and Gabbana pumps in my lifetime, so how I'm going to get my hands on these beauts has yet to be determined. How tacky would it be to paint florals onto plain white heels? I'll let you know once I do it.

2. Charlotte - Duh. It's a favorite this week because I'll be there in a hot minute. A beer garden I have yet to go to is on the menu and I don't hate it one bit.

3. Gold Glitter - If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the most recent thing that I decided to smother in glitter, a tissue box cover. No more tacky patterns ruining your decor! I quite enjoy having mine in my newly decorated living room and a few of you have shown interest in adding some sparkle to your lives as well. So maybe I'll have to add it to the Etsy shop? Let me know what you think.

4. Flamingo Tank - So this little number makes me insanely happy inside and really angry inside all at the same time. Happy because it's seriously just the brightest darn cheeriest shirt ever. But angry because it costs $41 and then another $7 to ship it (this is where your jaw drops). So whenever anyone wants to shell out fifty bucks to buy me one single tank top, I'll thank you ten times over. Oh and then I'll tell you that you're COMPLETELY FUCKING NUTS and make you send it back. But anyway, it's still freaking adorable for anyone who can stomach fifty dollar tees. Without sleeves.

5. The Skimm - I suck at reading the news and keeping up on current events. I then feel like somewhat of an idiot (okay a LOT of an idiot) for having entirely no idea what goes on in the world around me. Insert "The Skimm". It's a one page synopsis of all the major happenings going on, emailed to you every morning. But it's written in a dumbed down way so that you could probably understand it even after having chugged an entire bottle of Fireball. So if you want to have an actual clue about the news but want to do it quickly, oh and also want to be able to understand what you're actually reading and not go cross-eyed two paragraphs in, then sign up for The Skimm emails. They'll change your life. I'm serious. I may currently even recommend them just as much as going to Chipotle. Okay calm down Erin, you're tiptoeing into scary territory.

6. Pillow - I am completely obsessed with Caitlin Wilson Textiles. I need everything. Yesterday.

7. Quote - Out of all the pins on Pinterest lately, this quote practically jumped out of the screen right onto my lap. I tend to get a little crazy with things I want because I'm impatient and want them, well, right when I want them. So this needs to serve as a reminder to slow things down if I really want them.

8. Mascara - I don't care what anyone says. I don't care how pricey your amazing designer brand is from Sephora. I don't care how many commercials come out with newly shaped wands. I don't care that there are more versions of plumping and lengthening and volumizing than there are Dalmatians in the Disney Movie. Maybelline's iconic "Great Lash" is hands down THEE best mascara ever. Ever ever.

And now I'm officially off to go count down the hours until I arrive in the Queen City and get myself a  giant snuggly hug. Or eleventy of them. Whichever works out best. I'll be back next week with hopefully maybe even some pictures of my trip this time? Let's not bet our life savings on it, though.

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