The Whirlwind of a Week

Excuse me while I dust the cobwebs off of this little space of mine and inject it with some steroids to get things up and running again around here. It's been quite a few days since I've shown face and I couldn't be any less sorry about it. What's with bloggers apologizing for not blogging on their own blogs anyway? I'm my own boss here, there's no need to be sorry for living your life.

But since I've had a few people check in on me to make sure everything is still all fine and dandy since I've been so MIA, I figured I might as well get back on the bull and take him for a one-handed ride. Although I can't promise this will last much longer than eight measly seconds. Girlfriend is still way busy over here.

So what have I been up to besides blogging, you ask? Traveling, working, and doing everything for this blog besides the whole bloging part. It's been quite the crazy past ten days and I don't feel like it's going to slow down anytime soon.

Last, last weekend I was in Charlotte again. You know, my most favoritest of all the places to be at this current time in life. I swear I have the worst love/hate relationship of all time with that Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Happiest clam in the sea upon arrival, saddest puppy in the pound when departing. The Queen City has my heart. Or at least someone in it does. Gasp!

Anywayyy, I went to both of the Bobcats' playoff games against the Heat. 

Both of which they lost. Womp womp. But I did get to go to my first NBA playoff game for free all while getting to hear Lebron get booed every time he even came within a foot of the ball. So that's always fun. 

We also ended up getting to go white water rafting this time around since the weather was pushing 80 instead of 60. Oh and guys, I thought I was going to die. 

Visions of my weak, completely non-athletic body flying out of the raft and getting smashed against the rocks kept playing over and over again in my head. But I survived and it wasn't nearly as frightening as I had imagined. It was actually quite fun. Let's just all be glad that I put a tank top under my white tee beforehand because quite a few people would've gotten an itty bitty titty committee type show after being soaked with the rapids. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is pretty much the coolest place in Charlotte. Tons of activities, great food, great beers, concerts playing at two different pavilions, tons of families picnicking and dogs being walked all over the beautiful grounds. If you live anywhere near Charlotte, I highly suggest going!

I also got to hang out by the pool for the first time this year and I soaked up every single second of it.

Drinking, snuggling, movie watching, and bar hopping happened as well. But then it was back to Manhattan bright and early last Tuesday morning to get back to work because my nanny mom ended up having her second child over the weekend. So many squeals of excitement for tiny new little nuggets of squishiness! So now I get to love on two little munchkins instead of just one. And now I also get to have baby fever even though I'm not even close to being married. 

Yikes Erin. Let's just pretend I didn't just say that.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were quite busy here between work and babysitting for another family. Plus I was also running around like crazy getting everything printed and packaged up for the Etsy store orders that have come in since announcing that little project to the world. I'm pretty sure putting the packages together for everyone has been my favorite part of this whole process, too. Snail mail is the best mail, especially when filled with pretty things. Totally loving this new venture!

Then as soon as Thursday rolled around I was off again to Washington D.C. to surprise my best friend. Meghan and I ended up planning the trip a couple weeks ago and by some miracle it all ended up working out. Minus the fact that this best friend of ours decided to drink one too many margaritas Thursday after work and was asleep by the time we showed up to surprise her. Then again, this is probably why we're best friends in the first place, huh?

We walked around Pentagon Square, went out on U Street, ate unlimited small plates and drank unlimited mimosas brunch, drank quite a bit, went to a house party where they were having a "guac off", went out on H Street, died from allergies, ate at a really good Thai place, attempted to dance like we were in college for about six seconds, played never have I ever, picked up right where we all left off, and had all the sads in the world as soon as Sunday rolled around and it was all over.

And that brings us to Monday, aka the worst day ever because, umm hello, it's Monday and also because all the fun is over. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that my parents are arriving this week and that tonight will hopefully involve some Cinco de Drinko activities. Cheers to hopefully getting myself back into the blogging game!

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