The Random Mishmash of Life Lately

So this whole showing up and blogging every day of the week thing has kind of gone to hell here at Two Thirds Hazel hasn't it? The answer to that is duh. Half of me feels like I should be trying harder to make this not the case, yet the other half could honestly care less. Because what I've realized about blogging is that I usually only like doing it when it's replacing something I'd rather not be doing. 

There's a whole sink full of dishes that need to be washed? Oh hell no, I'd rather write a blog post.

I need to go pick up my laundry? Yeah let's put that off another day so I can OD on some blog reading.

But enter this new season of absolutely perfect weather, lots of traveling, outdoor happy hours, and my new found obsession with Netflix binging - and I now have myself quite a few things I'd rather be spending my time on instead of sitting down and writing words in this box. It's all a game of what's going to make me the most happy in this particular moment. And lately, blogging just hasn't been that.

I'm hoping with my impending move back home for the summer that I'll have plenty of time on my hands to get all of my happies in, but for now I feel like I'm just going to show up whenever I feel like it and that's that. Maybe it's not just me and there are plenty of others that find themselves falling into this blogging slump whenever the warm weather comes back around? No? Okay just pretend so I don't feel like such a failure over here. Thank you.

But anyway, what have I been up to. Let's see.

I was pretty much the most unique blogger in just about the entire land of blogging when I went out and bought myself some peonies this past weekend. Slap a Starbucks and a smartphone in my hand and I'd definitely be the proverbial Fruit Loop in the bowl of Cheerios. Not.

But it's okay because I kept it all going by using them in some pictures with the prints from my Etsy shop. This one has been my most favorite lately.

I've been playing in Central Park whenever it's nice enough to do so. Which has been just about every day for the past couple weeks. But as soon as the weekend rolls around you better steer clear, because lord knows you'll literally be one in a million on a beautiful Sunday afternoon anywhere inside that park. 

It's pretty crazy how many people smash themselves into Sheep's Meadow and still feel perfectly content while doing so. Must be that little man with his cooler of a cart who whips out beers in brown  paper bags. Not that I've ever summoned him over to me numerous times on a Sunday Funday, though. Nope, never.

I've also been carrying on with my obsession of decorating. Per usual. See? Not much has really changed around here even though I've barely been, uh, around here. I've been strolling through numerous stores scoping out some inspiration for a little upcoming project. Oh and I've also been scoffing at just about every single price tag in these stores as well. Tell me, honestly, who in the EFF HOLE is actually spending $400 on one friggin' table lamp? And not even a matching set, just one. I'm calling Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the revolver because someone just blew my damn mind.

And don't even get me started on the art pieces. I swear my two year old nanny kid could plop a paint brush down on canvas and I could stick it in the Met and have people be like "Oh yeah, I see the story here. Wow how imaginative, deep, and moving." Complete crap is what I say.

So I just stick to making my own. Like these canvases.

I have an Etsy shop print with just the "I love you" quote written across it because, well, you can never say or hear that word enough. But I also fell in love with the "Letters for You" set over at Sugarboo & Co that Little Baby Garvin posted about. Yet there's no way in the history of ever that I'd be spending $500+ on art, so making my own was the only way to go about things. Loving how they turned out!

But if we're being honest, what I've reallyyy been doing lately is pretty much none of the above. And that's all because of that pinky little bugger called Netflix. Aka the antithesis of productivity. Aka my most favorite invention probably ever. Besides the microwave of course. And the Skip It. And Tamagotchis.

And I digress.

Enter Scandal and Orange Is the New Black. Both of which I've welcomed into my television binging love affair. Both of which I've watched way too many episodes to be reasonable in a four day span. The only reason I don't feel bad about rotting my brain away, though, is the fact that I hadn't had a single night of dating my couch and television for the past three weeks until this past weekend. So becoming one with my microfiber cushions was exactly what I needed.

I finished the first season of OITNB in 24 hours. This should come as no shock to anyone since I finished both seasons of House of Cards within 48. Never have I ever realized that I would die within the first two hours of me being in jail should I ever have to go. Bloody tampon in my breakfast sandwich? Game over. Game 100% over forever and ever. And don't even get me started on the solitary confinement hell hole. But the show is amazing and I'm counting down the days until June 6th when the new season comes out.

And then we have Scandal. Which I might just put into the ring with Breaking Bad to battle it out for greatest tv series ever. Okay I think I may be kidding. Sorry Jesse Pinkman, please still love me? But still, this show is SO FREAKING GOOD. I'm completely obsessed. And now I'm off to continue my relationship with my new girlfriend, Olivia Pope. Because if I can't be her I might as well get into bed with her right? Right. Catch you whenever I feel like showing up again.

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