Tell the World I'm Coming Home

One month. I have one month left of work and therefore one month left of city living until I head upstate for the summer. I'm for sure going to be a complete and utter mess walking away from my nanny kid and family. I mean, there isn't a shot in hell I'll be anything short of a damn train wreck, but as for everything else, there's nothing bittersweet about it. I simply cannot wait to get out of the city. 

Can. Not. Freaking. Wait. 

A lot of the reasoning for this being that I'm pretty damn sick of the inconveniences of New York city, but also because my home in the summer is just about the best thing ever. If you ever find yourself in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York (Ithaca to be exact), you'll agree with me. So in preparation of heading there in just a few short weeks, I thought I'd put together a list of all the things I'm insanely excited for. Let's get to it.

1. This may sound a little odd coming from me but, uhhh, nature. Except for not too odd seeing as the only nature I have here comes from Central Park. My hometown is right near Ithaca and Ithaca's claim to fame is that it is "Gorges" because of all its parks with waterfalls and gorges. It's absolutely stunning and pretty amazing since it's all basically right in my backyard. Oh the things your take for granted growing up...

2. The food. This one is obviously not so surprising. Everyone has their favorites from over the years of growing up at home, so I'm pretty pumped to have all of them at my disposal all summer long. Plus we have a ton of farms, fresh markets, and places to go pick up all your goods yourself so it's even better. The sweet corn, the unlimited crab leg dinners on Cayuga Lake, the u-pick strawberries at my friend's farm, the Chinese take-out place that legit has the best chicken and broccoli I've ever eaten, and the list just goes on and on.

3. And to add on to the food, grilling. Freaking grilling. It's embarrassing how excited I am to just sit out on my back deck with a beer on a a beautiful summer night and eat some grilled up chicken speedies (or kabobs for anyone not familiar with that term) with my family. And since grilling isn't really an easy option when you live in a huge city (hello George Foreman), it's about damn time that I get to do it every night if I so pleased. 

4. Friends and family, duh. No explanation needed here. But if you seem to see me start drinking more than I have been lately, blame them. Because it'll obviously be all their fault. Never mine.

5. Speaking of drinking, let's talk wineries. The Finger Lakes are home to one of the highest acclaimed wine regions in the Eastern United States. Seriously, I think I read that in a New York Times article once, so you better believe it. There are hundreds of wineries scattered around each of the lakes which makes the area so perfect for renting out a limo and wine touring. This may or may not have to happen for my birthday for the third year in a row.

6. Swimming. This one might also sound strange to the average individual, but being a resident of Manhattan, it gets pretty hard to just pick up and plop yourself down in a body of water. You either have to be rich enough to fork over money to get to a hotel rooftop pool (which are far and few between here), tough it out in one of the public pools, or take a train from Penn Station to get out to the beach. All of these options make me want to die just typing them out. 

But taking a two minute drive down the street to my second family's pool or heading a couple minutes farther to get to the lake to go boating? Those ideas sound like pure bliss. Now if only my puppy was as small as she was last year splashing around in that very pool… le sigh.

7. And since we mentioned the puppy… let's not forget the other two precious babes that are also waiting eagerly for my arrival. My house is a petting zoo, no worries. But hooray for finally getting to snuggle myself to sleep with a giant furball every night! Let's just 86 the snoring, please.

And now I think I need to just end this thing before I get myself a little bit too excited over here. Cheers to what's going to most likely be one of my most favorite summers ever. If there are any Upstate New York bloggers out there, be sure to let me know because I'd love to plan a get together! Wine tour anyone?

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