Peonies and Pink Frosted Donuts

So something's been bugging me lately. That something being the complete shitstorm of peonies that has been gracing my Instagram feed over the past couple of weeks. But why would one be so upset about seeing something as pretty as a pink peony so often? I mean they are my most favoritest of flowers ever, so what the hell is the big deal Erin? Why must you complain, yet again?

Well because this favorite flower of mine is now apparently everyone including my neighbor's cousin's step child's dog watcher's aunt's favorite flower too. Because if you're not posting an Insta of yourself looking down at your feet with a bouquet of peonies sticking out of your tote on a Saturday afternoon, you're tweeting about how annoyed you are that you haven't been able to find said bouquet yet and how you'd just DIE to get your hands on one. 

So now I feel like I should be picking another favorite to be planning my someday wedding with just so I don't seem like yet another girl obsessing over the same thing.

And I also feel annoyed because I swear to the heavens that I was obsessing over pretty peonies years ago and knew that I had to get married in May or June so that I could have them in my centerpieces at a reasonable price. That is unless I wanted to spend $7,000 on an out of season floral budget in, say, October.

But they aren't the only things that have fallen victim to this crazy insurgence of heart eyed emoji clad social media users. Oh no, there have been quite a few more lately. From white and gold bedrooms, to bar carts filled with paper straws, to chevron print, to mason jars turned into just about everything short of a damn flask, to macarons in pastry display windows. The list goes on. And on. And on.

Gold // I'm pretty sure I could spray paint the bag of garbage sitting in my kitchen right now and somehow still manage to get somebody to like it on Instagram. Staplers, pillows, flower pots, lamps, jewelry. It just hasn't ended and I don't think I'd be sad if it never did.

Top Knots // I feel like an absolute fool in them and oh so wish that I didn't because I'm endlessly jealous of the girls that can throw their hair up in them in a matter of seconds and get out the door. Teach me your ways, I beg of you.

Peonies // We've covered this one.

Faux Taxedermy // Moose, deer, bears, elephants. I mean they even have unicorn fake animal wall-mounted heads now, good lord.

Pineapples // This is one of those ridiculous ones to me. I don't know where on earth this trend came from but I now see it at least once a day. iPhone cases and wall prints. There was even a dude at the Memorial Day bbq I went to who had a pineapple printed shirt on. I proceeded to tell him that pineapples were very "in" right now and he said "Yeah, it's summer, the fruit is out." Yeah, not so much where I was going with that but okay.

Tassel Garland // If you have an office worthy enough to be seen by anyone, then you have one of these on the wall behind your desktop. That's really all there is to it.

Chalkboard // I'm going to chalk this one up (see what I did there?) to the Little Baby Garvin pregnancy board updates. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you also don't know the reasoning for why I ever wanted to start my own blog in the first place. I used to refresh that page an average of ten times a day. I'm sick, it's fine.

Succulents // I've loved these for three years now. Ever since I laid eyes on Natasha from Schue Love's wedding I've been infatuated. Apparently the world has also caught on because now we're sprucing them up with bright pink fish tank pebbles to make them ever cooler.

Donuts // put a stack of these next to your favorite new pink shade of Essie in your Insta and you'll easily get five times as many likes. Guaranteed fact or you get your money back.

Palm Print // I literally just discovered this one within the past couple days but apparently it's taking over everything from clothing to fabric for home decor. I have to say that this is one I don't think I'll ever jump on board with. It's just too, umm shall we say, Nigel Thornberry-esque?

So it's all there in our faces just about every day. Some start out slow, some come in like a hurricane, some are absolutely asinine, and some are pictured with the latest edition of Vogue, a DSLR, and a bouquet of roses next them.

But the common issue among all of these trends that has been swimming around in my head lately is my personal attachment to each trend. For instance, the peonies, I know for certain I liked them before they became some sort of Instagram necessity. But for many of the others I find myself asking my brain whether or not I like this certain thing because I truly actually like it, or if it's only because society has basically ingrained my mind into thinking that I should like it. And it's most likely the latter.

Like the pink sprinkled donut. I don't like donuts. I never have and most likely never will. It's bread and doughy and fluffy and just gross. But those little frosted things have become such a cute little fad that I ended up purchasing a couple to stage next to my Etsy shop prints. Did I ever plan on eating them? Absolutely not. But I needed to have them in my photos because, umm, so did everyone else. I guess?

And how unbelievably freaking sad is that? I already said it; unbelievably.  

I basically walked myself right into this hilarious and amazing article making fun of fashion bloggers for their use of little things just like the donut in their pictures. 

So while I certainly fall right into the ridiculousness that is staging pictures for pretty photos, I still am wondering deep down somewhere whether or not I would actually want a pair of pineapple printed bikini bottoms had this new obsession not have been born. I guess the point of this completely pointless post is that I think I need to take a step back from the social media influence over silly little things sometimes and just be me and remember what I know I actually like. 

And to stop spending dolla dolla bills on pink frosted donuts that go straight into the trash.


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