Confess Sesh

I get really angry at HGTV for never telling me where the heck the people are when they're searching for houses or redoing their properties. How am I supposed to know how far $450,000 actually goes when I'm not sure if you're in bumblefuck Louisiana or expensive ass San Francisco? Spill it!

I miss Olivia Pope more than I miss my own puppies. And that, as you know, is a whole heck of a lot. How in the hell am I going to make it to September without anymore episodes or seasons of Scandal? I just simply won't, that's how.

It boggles my mind as to how people can use that Time Hop app. I seriously don't understand how people do it. Memories haunt me. I can hear a song in a bar that reminds me of a deuche canoe of an ex and still somehow immediately flash myself back to only the good times. And don't even get me started on the archives of photos from college on my Facebook. I cry just looking at them because I miss it so much. So how people see an old memory every single day? No way in hell.

I have said the "L" word to a total of two guys in my entire life. (Thanks Raven for the idea on using this one as a confession)

I don't like hockey or understand it at all but I feel, as a New Yorker, it was my duty to go out and watch the Rangers game last night. Apparently I need to watch the entire Stanley Cup series too now because I obviously was good luck. USA > Canada

My brother's best friend was my roommate for the past six months and just moved out last weekend. It's embarrassing how happy I am now that I don't have to wear pants.

I'm 100% going to be one of those insanely annoying pregnant women who tweets and Instagrams each new step of the way acting like they're the first chick to ever discover a plus sign on a pee stick. And I'm already one of those insanely crazy women who is excited for that plus sign to show up. Don't worry mom and dad, I still pop my birth control like candy. But I was pretending to be pregnant with Meghan since I was about five, so this is nothing too shocking over here.

I accidentally watched a marathon of Total Divas on E! the other day and didn't despise it.

I thought about signing up for a Pure Barre class this weekend so that I could get healthy. Instead, I ended up purchasing Yankees tickets so that I could day drink. My priorities are seriously SO on point, guys.

There are quite a few people on my Twitter feed that I should probably unfollow (or mute I guess since that's possible now) but I just simply can't because I like to correlate their existence with car crashes. I can't look away. Plus they serve as great reminders to try to maintain as sane of a persona in the Twitterverse as possible. Except for I tweeted about wanting 3D Doritos again yesterday so I think I'm already certifiably nuts at this point.


Today I'd like to introduce you to Beverly from Halfway to Fearless. She became a mom to little Brayden at the age of sixteen. She's woman who has the balls to walk into her dreadful job and quit because she wanted to live out her dreams. And she's one heck of a supporter over here for me and my blog. So take a quick peak around her blog and maybe even say hi. She'd be more than happy to make some new blog friends!

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