10 Random Facts About Me

One // I'm really bad at watching movies. All of the classics that everyone is supposed to have seen? Yeah, haven't seen 90% of them. I just, within the last month, finally saw both Back to the Future and Pride and Prejudice. Apparently it's some sort of travesty that it has taken me this long to have seen either.

Two // I'm really good at watching television, though. Ask me how many shows I have recording on my DVR on a consistent basis and it'll take me long than Lindsay Lohan dishing out her sex list for me to name them all for you. Now that I think about it, this is probably a bad thing.

Three // I have a beer drinking to peeing ratio of about 1:2. I should have a beer coozie that says something like "I'm perfectly okay, my bladder is just the size of a hamster's" on it.

Four // I cringe whenever I see someone sneeze or cough into their hand. Thanks for attempting to not spray your germs around the room like a baby elephant, but no thanks for infesting the one body part that, umm, will be touching everything around the room thus causing the same shitstorm to occur anyway. This is why elbow pits were made, people.

Five // Despite the previous point, I'm not a germaphobe at all. I'll eat my food if I accidentally drop it on my apartment floor. I'll touch the subway pole without having to bathe in hand sanitizer immediately after. I won't mind if you double dip your chip into the communal guacamole bowl. And I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I rarely get sick. My immune system is packing heat.

Six // I don't know how to sleep on my back. It's basically impossible, actually. I sleep on my stomach with one leg up and bent and one arm under my pillow.

Seven //  I don't read. I used to absolutely love it when I was younger but then there was that whole being forced to do it in school thing and I started to hate it. It just takes up so much damn time and effort when watching a story in a movie, instead, is so much easier. I seriously sound like such an idiot saying that but that's just the way it is (things will never be the saaame). But I if I have read the book version of a movie and someone tells me the movie sucks without having read the actual story, I get real angry. Cough, Twilight, cough. The books were great - stick Kristen Stewart in there and all goes to hell.

Eight // I despise clutter. And thank god for that because it's probably the only reason I'm so organized and clean since I'm also pretty damn lazy. Everything gets tucked away into its own little spot. If it's not a decoration, it lands itself into cupboard, drawer, or closet so it's out of sight. 

Nine // I don't really like wearing color. That whole "neon for life" trend made me ill. Walking into a shoe store and seeing the wall full of sneakers that look like a unicorn puked up a Lite-Brite on them make me die a little inside. I'm the girl choosing the one lone pair of grey and white kicks. 

Ten // I'm an introvert through and through. I'm shy, awkward, bad at getting to know people, and would rather stay in my bubble and listen to conversations than actively add to them. It's something I've been slowly attempting to work on as I get older. Except for when alcohol is involved; I'll talk your damn ears off.

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