Weekend Snapshots

Today is Monday aka the worst day of the week. Today is going to be a very busy whirlwind. Today means I don't have time for much writing so a weekend picture dump gets to constitute as a blog post, hooray. So if you've come here to give your eyeballs a break from reading weekend recap after recap, you're welcome.

Some pretty blooms while walking to the happy hour I so desperately needed Friday after work. The same blooms that make my face look anything but pretty. Just talk to the two eyeballs that turn into permanent bee stings whenever I wake up in the morning. Eff you allergies, eff you.

Anyway, I finally got my pint of beer and was a happy camper again after finding out the sad news about my nanny family Friday afternoon. More on that this week probably. 

After happy hour I ended up heading over to my friend's apartment to hang out on the rooftop, because that's just what New Yorkers do when the temps push 70. A) we go to happy hour for drinks, and b) we drink the drinks on the roof. Because the city views never get old no matter how many years you've lived here.

Saturday was a pretty relaxing day. There wasn't too much on the agenda other than "take the trash out" apparently. But at least it was a good look while doing so. Target for the win. Again. And again just for good measure.

Later on I walked a few blocks up the street to grab some Mexican and margs at Cilantro with my roommates' family. The waiter looked at me like I had a second tongue popping out of my mouth when I ordered that frozen strawberry marg, though. I even had my hair down and makeup on. I quit.

P.S. Plantain chips rule the world.

P.P.S. So do Sunday mornings spent reading magazines, perusing through Pinterest, drinking a Dunkin' coffee coolatta, and planning for a bright bright sunshiny day.

And bright and shiny it was, so I took a stroll downtown just to walk around before taking on the craziness of a day that was about to ensue in my apartment.

After I was done playing tourist and taking pictures of random ass things, I for some reason decided that it was the perfect time to finally get to redoing my living room. So then I spent the following 12 hours straight printing things at Staples, buying more decor, cleaning, rearranging, hanging, and decorating. And I didn't stop for one single second throughout the entire process. Like not even to eat.

I finally sat down at midnight to eat a bowl of soup, my first meal of the entire freaking day, and that's when I realized I was in love. I seriously felt like I was sitting inside of a pin on Pinterest when I looked around. But now I just need to learn how to photograph interior spaces so that I can show you all the progress. 

Any tips out there anyone?

For now I guess I can at least show you a quick pic of my new bedding, that is if you haven't seen it on Instagram already. And if you haven't then why aren't we friends so we can stalk each other?

The sheets are from Target, duvet cover from Bed Bath & Beyond, and pink pillow from H&M. It's basically all just one big slice of bed heaven. I got in it last night and legitimately felt like I had been transported to a five star hotel. I used to say there was nothing better than Chipotle; now I think I'm going to say there's nothing better than sliding into brand new bedding. Simply divine. And you know I mean it when I say divine because I despise that word more than "moist".
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