To Post or Not to Post - That Is the Question

A long long time ago there was once a link up called "Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday" happening over at The Vintage Apple, which is now Michelle's Desk. It was one of my go-to linkups every single darn week when I first started blogging because a) it was just so easy and fun to do and b) well because I OD'ed on Pinterest just like the rest of the crackheads out there wishing their lives could be as perfect as that god forsaken site makes life out to be.

I eventually stopped playing the whole "post pretty pins with simple lines underneath explaining why I think they're so pretty and call it a blog post" game because it honestly started to just feel like a cop out. An easy way for me to bang out a post and be done for the day. A let down to readers who visit this space for my opinions and my stories instead of just the crap, they too, can see on a website they visit every day.

And from then on, every time I came across a pin and thought "oh my word, I need to put that on my blog" or "I am loving this trend right now - I must make a collage", I'd pull back the reigns and say "not so fast little lady". Because for some asinine reason, I felt like there was a set of unsaid guidelines determining what I could and could not post on my blog. Who was writing these rules, I'm not so sure, but that pesky doubt bug crawled right on into my head anyway. It was my pre-conceived notion that if I put together yet another post filled with photos of "that amazing patterned pillow from that one fabulous site" and "the most genius DIY chalkboard frame ever" and "that four ingredient crock pot meal that's so easy Snooki could do it", I'd wind up being just another boring blogger being looked over on Bloglovin'.

But then I woke up today, looked through my recent pins, loved the heck out of them, and said "fuck it, I'm posting pretty pins from Pinterest on my blog today". And here we are now with the collection I put together of all my recent favorites, which I came to realize all had a common theme once I started piecing them together.

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So it's safe to say I've been loving black and white patterns lately, wouldn't you say? Whether it be geometric, striped, or polka-dotted; I'm loving it like Ronald McDonald and I may seriously need to reconsider my living room decor plans. Or maybe just deck my bedroom out in all of this goodness as soon as I'm finished? Run wallet, run!

But what I'm also loving is the fact that I think I finally might have pulled a Queen Elsa by breaking free from those unnamed blog post guidelines and "let it go". Because at the end of the day, it's just simply not possible for me to fill these pages with something groundbreaking, or thought provoking, or interesting, or relatable, or inspiring, or even just plain worth five minutes of your time every day. I'm human with other things going on in my life besides these pages, just like anyone else that's blogging and/or reading. And while I do spend a lot of time on this little site of mine and, in turn, make some money off of doing so, it's definitely not my full time job or my main source of income. So in reality, it's still just a hobby that makes me happy; not something I need to strategically plan out by developing perfectly articulated, ingenious blog posts to keep everything afloat.

So while posting collages, or my latest pins, or lists of all the random crap going on inside by brain may seem like "a waste of a post" to some, as long as I love what I'm writing and enjoy being here each day, then that's what I'd like to call a success. Because that polka-dotted bed of all things girly and cozy up there? It most certainly makes me happy, so there it stays.

Do you ever feel pressure from the blog world to write something "worthwhile" every day only to then feel like a letdown whenever you end up posting something that fails to meet the mark?


I'd like to introduce you all to Setarra, a blogger that I not only love in this here blog world, but also in real life. That's right, I've actually met her. One planned blogger brunch filled with unlimited mimosas later and I found myself a pretty awesome chick. She then decided to move away to Washington D.C. taking her awesomeness right along with her, but that's besides the point. The actual point is that she's someone you don't want to pass by. Setarra really takes the time to live life to the fullest by going out and experiencing all these amazing new things. And unlike me, she also remembers to take pictures to document it all along the way. Oh, and she also knows how to use her camera so there's that. Let's get to know her a bit more, shall we?

A Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures. Overall, this is the kind of woman I aspire to be and it's on my blog where I share bits of my personal life & style, my passion for dance and the arts in general, exploring new places, eating good food and my burgeoning interest for photography. I like to think of my blog as a visual diary of organized creative chaos. It's a little all over the place but it makes total sense to me :)

And that's probably one of the best gifs to ever grace my blog, umm, ever. Have I ever mentioned the fact that my sponsors are the best? Oh that's right, I have. Be sure to check out more from Setarra over here!

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