A Tourist in Your Own City

Remember when I mentioned a long time ago that I wanted to start being a tourist in my own city because I haven't gotten around to doing so many of the things that a NYC resident should be doing? Well I've managed to knock a couple things off of my bucket list since then. Two snaps for Erin. But I haven't done nearly enough. So when my friend Setarra over at Quaintrelle asked me to host a link up about doing exactly what I've been attempting, I was all on board.

On the last Friday of every month Setarra hosts the #ResidentTourist link up where you can link up your "local" related post. From small town charm to big city hustle; whether it's checking out a museum, trying out a new restaurant in town, volunteering at a shelter, visiting a historical landmark or just taking the time to get to know the people who make your locale tick: the possibilities are endless! We're all a little guilty of taking our own surroundings for granted, so come join us and start immersing yourself in your own environtment.

This week I decided to wander around the west side of Manhattan. It may not seem too daunting or exciting, but I've only ever lived on the east side since I moved here in 2010. And while I've strolled up and down the LES to the UES, it's safe to say I haven't done much of that at all on the west. So I just took a simple walk and snapped some shots along the way.

These were all taken somewhere between the west 60's and Times Square. The great thing about Manhattan is that no matter how long you've lived here you can always find a new place to explore. I could be a tourist every damn day here stopping to snap pictures of random things. Or just look like a complete and utter weirdo standing in front of a wooden door to do the same thing. Whatever works right?

But what about you? What are some things you would love to experience? Here in New York or in your own city. Come link up with Setarra and me and show us!

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