My Very Own Etsy Shop

Well this happened on quite the whim this week, but I decided to open up a little Etsy shop for prints. It's nothing too extravagant yet, but for now I'm pretty pleased with it. 

I had a few readers telling me that I should start a shop and quite a few more asking me where they could buy the prints that I've shown to the blog world as of late. So I figured, why not right? We all could stand to add a little pretty into our lives, so I might as well share my own with all of you if you're interested in it. They're all pink, gold, grey, black, and white. I'm fully aware that this is ground breaking news over here at Two Thirds Hazel. But I know there are many out there who would rather die than see another pink or gold decor item. So if you're at all interested in switching up the colors and customizing anything, I could probably do that for you.

But go check it out HERE and let me know what you think! And maybe even purchase a print or two to add some pretty into your own home. I wouldn't hate it and your walls wouldn't either. Wink.


Today I have Samantha from The Samantha Life here to share some of her favorite things with you. She believes that no matter how average you may think your life to be, it's still worth being celebrated. And I pretty much just adore that. Plus every time I go to her blog I just smile real big, not only because she's such a doll, but also because her blog design still remains one of my favorites in my portfolio to date. Let's get to know her a bit more shall we?

I'm a 20-something woman who blogs at The Samantha Life. I live my daily life with my husband and best friend (Parker) and do not have any children of the human or fur types - yet. If I HAD to choose my 3 favorite things I suppose shoes, my husband, and cosmos would about sum it up. I like to write about these things on my blog among other things like the occasional DIY project, recipe, or outfit. But mostly I just blog about this totally average-but-beautiful thing called life and love every second of it.

And if that gif doesn't make you happy then you should probably take yourself to the bar just as soon as you click out of this web page. Or go buy yourself a puppy. Or start hump day early. Or purchase one of my prints. Because that sure is one "life is damn good" sort of dance and nothing should be able to ruin it. 

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