My Go-To Outfit

Denim Jacket: c/o Zappos, Dress: c/o Zappos, Sandals: c/o Zappos, Belt and bag: Forever 21 

Dare I say it's officially spring? No, I probably shouldn't. But I'm going to anyway because I've had about enough winter to last me an entire century. Seriously, multiply the length of Jessica Simpson's first pregnancy by the time amount of times I've asked for double corn salsa on my burrito bowl and you'll be just shy of how long this winter has lasted. I'm done with air that's cold enough to hurt my face. Done. 

So even though my Weather Channel app is still hovering around the mid-fifties telling me that I should probably keep a coat on, I'm bringing out the big guns anyway. And those big guns come in the form of maxi dresses and sandals. Oh hello spring staples!

And thank goodness for Zappos because they have everything you could possibly need to get your wardrobe ready for this exciting new season. Well, that is except for an outdoor patio set complete with a waiter to bring me a $3 Blue Moon at happy hour . But that's okay, I can stick to Manhattan for all that business if Zappos continues to carry on with offering amazing deals on clothing as well as fantastic customer service.

I don't know about you, but I didn't have any idea that Zappos actually sold anything besides shoes until I teamed up with them. Call me crazy or call me the worst product to come out of a fashion major ever (both would be true by the way) but apparently I was just completely blind to the whole thing. I'm happy to report that they do, in fact, sell lots of things besides shoes. And I don't hate it one bit because I just scored a bunch of great items for even greater prices. 

You see, I tend to just stick to the aisles of Target and H&M, so branching out onto other companies websites and into other designers' clothing lines was quite fun for me.

Plus you can't really go wrong when you're buying staples like the ones I'm wearing. Denim jackets are back in and I mean in by "I'm being dead serious" in, not in like "let's try to make jelly shoes happen again" in. And this one fits like a glove. Then we have the black high/low dress, which I'll probably sleep in and wear as many days in a row as possible until someone on the street hands me a five thinking I'm homeless. Add in the gold/tan Aldo sandals that I just about peed my pants over as soon as I laid eyes on them and BAM - you have yourself the perfect go-to outfit. Well, my go-to outfit.

Just don't judge me if when you see me making quite a few repeat appearances in this ensemble. Like possibly in pictures from this weekend when I'm in Charlotte. Yayyy! Peace out work week, we're officially and finally on to my three day weekend.

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