My Brand New Baby of a Bar Cart

Oh this pretty little bar cart of mine. Forget boys, I'm just going to have a full on love affair with this brass box of shelves on wheels. 

I've been wanting one of these contraptions ever since the very first day I laid eyes on one on Pinterest. It was this exact cart from Target, too, because I vividly remember going online with every intention of purchasing it. That is until I realized it was pushing $150 and my eyes did a couple double takes. I mean, I go to bars that have twofers and dollar beer "beat the clock" specials because I like to keep my money right where I can see it, on a bank statement from savings account. So that gorgeous golden bar cart came out of my online shopping cart just as fast as I had tried so desperately to shove it in there.

But then, one magical day many months later, I just so happened to take a peek once more at this glorious bar cart because I had finally decided to re-do my living room. Fairy dust was sprinkled across the screen and there it was, screaming at me with all its might telling me that it was on clearance and that it wanted to come live with me. I wagered back and forth for, oh, about point five seconds before saying "check please!" and we were on our way to heavenly matrimony.

Add in a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond's World Market section and bing bang boom, I had myself some bright colored liquids to fill up my precious new baby. Maybe one day I'll graduate to some actual liquor... but for now it's just going to remain girly, under age, and cheap.

Because after the amount of money I spent on all of the other things in my living room, water and juice were about all my budget had left to afford. No champs and liquors over here, so pregame before you come over ladies.

I realized rather quickly that decorating an apartment has absolutely no intention of keeping your wallet in check while doing so. Not in the slightest bit. But since I've never really "gone all out" before and actually decided to be serious about making my living room look and feel like a legitimately decorated space instead of a half-assed attempt, I thought I'd go for it and hack away a bit at that precious savings of mine. And now that I did it and it's finally finished, I think it was so unbelievably worth it. Because now not only do I have the most perfect space ever to come home to, I have a newfound passion.

And that's it for the living room tour, my friends. I hope you've enjoyed the ride. Maybe I'll eventually get to showing you around my room whenever I finally get around to finishing it. But for now... peace up, A town down.

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