Mad-Eye Moody and an Instagram Party

It's Monday, I can't breathe, I'm wearing sunglasses in the dark, I didn't get to celebrate Easter, and I just want it to be Friday. How's that for a "welcome to the party" opening line this morning? I promise I'm not as grumpy cat as I may sound, though. Quite the opposite really. 

But anyway, my weekend was pretty lame. Friday night was spent babysitting. I couched it for the majority of Saturday knocking three blog designs off my waiting list. (P.S. If you're looking for a design, my turn around time is pretty short so hit me up!) And yesterday I was forced to hang out on the couch, again, because I scratched my cornea. 

The story goes a little like this: Erin has allergies. Really, really awful allergies that make her eyes feel like there are a thousand and one tiny little bugs crawling around in them even though she's tried every eye drop out there. Which you probably know by now because Erin is also really, really annoying when complaining about them. But she finally went to the allergist, who told her to stop taking Zyrtec for five days so that she could be officially tested. And not taking Zyrtec for five days basically turns Erin into a fucking zombie. This causes her to scratch and rub at her eyes in her sleep without her even knowing it. Which then causes her to wake up with a scratched cornea from said eye rubbing. And then Erin complains more. It's a vicious cycle, my friends.

So instead of dressing up in a pastel Easter party dress brunching and egg hunting, I was posted up on the couch wearing sunglasses with the blinds shut and the lights off. Adorable. Things are looking a bit better today, though, thank goodness. 

But since I don't have too many weekend updates to, well, update you with, I think we're going to go ahead and do a little Instagram recap. Because I haven't done one in months and I feel like taking the easy way out today instead of straining this eye a bit more. Because no one wants to end up looking like Mad-Eye Moody around here.

Even though I didn't get to celebrate Easter, I did manage to at least still decorate some eggs. In gold, with pink filling stuff or whatever you call it, in a box from the dollar area of Target. You know, typical Erin.

Oh and then I obviously had to fill my Insta with (yet another) bull dog on the actual holiday itself. I think the stuff I'm doing is even getting old to me at this point. Gold, pink, bulldogs, decorating, festive holiday crap. That's me in a nutshell.

The allergist I went to last week is located in Times Square. This basically means that I want to die already from the allergies, and then I want to die some more while trying to get to the place that will fix said allergies. Because that area is the only one in Manhattan that can transform me from happy go lucky to "I want to stab all the people with the end of an umbrella" in a matter of seconds. It's just the worst. If you ever visit NYC, avoid it like you would an HIV-infected cockroach.

In happier news, my Little Broski officially graduated from boot camp last week and I couldn't be any prouder. Watching him walk across the stage all serious, strong, and proud to serve his country was truly amazing. I just can't put into words how excited I am for him doing so well. Tears were shed. I love that boy.

My favorite pattern of all right now is the one on this new bathing suit of mine. Polka dots that are random splotches instead of uniform and precise circles. I've been thinking about DIY-ing my plain white IKEA curtains with them for quite a few weeks now. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the pattern splattered across the cutest little bikini at H&M on Friday. Obsessed.

Fake flowers and new Nikes that don't even know what working out means because I have yet to do any of that nonsense in them. I should really get on that, huh?

I'm obsessed with prints. I spend hours and hours looking at all different ones online. This flamingo from West Elm speaks straight to my heart. But the $129 price tag certainly does not. 

And that's why I've been working on a few of my own lately because I just can't picture myself shelling out hundreds of dollars for pieces of paper that I could probably take a stab at making myself. This "Stop and smell the peonies" one is my current favorite. Hashtag peony obsessed freak. I also made the "More mimosas please" and the geometric pink and gold heart one that hang above my bar cart. And now that my living room is done, it's about time I whipped some up for my room.

Well that does it for me today. I'm off to go rest this eyeball some more and maybe attempt to go grocery shopping for some food that comes straight from the ground instead of a box that says "Peeps" across it. Because I'm pretty sure I've eaten enough of them to have my own farm at this point. Over and out.

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