Loving and Loathing

1// I made my first ever (yes, ever) grilled cheese sandwich last night and totally nailed it, heart shaped baby sammy and all. For those of you who are new to the Two Thirds Hazel party... I don't like bread. Hence why I had to Google how to actually make said grilled cheese sandwich before doing so.

2// I ordered gold glitter washy tape. GOLD. GLITTER. WASHY TAPE. That is all.

3// Miss Dior perfume. I seriously cannot get enough of this scent. After years and years of walking into Sephora just to spray it on me and walk out, I finally got up the courage to make the purchase and take it home to be mine. Someone explain to me why perfume has to cost $100 a fucking ounce, though.

4// Peeps. The newest category added to my food pyramid. You can find it situated right next to vitamin gummies, Miller Lite pints, and Chipotle corn salsa. But only if the peeps are stale and hard.

5// This Facebook status from the Army about my brother's group. Little broski has completed all of his requirements and will be graduating boot camp oh so soon!

6// The fact that I may just be attending my first Yankees game of the season this weekend. Cross your fingers that Stub Hub prices go down and that I don't pour beer onto any Red Sox fans' heads.

1// The really, really, REALLY sad news that I just received today that has already made me cry three times. More to come on that maybe next week once my brain actually wraps itself around the entirety of the situation.

2// Allergies. Kill them all.

3// My body. This girl seriously, actually, definitely, no doubt about it, needs to get back to the gym. I put on my white jeans this morning and felt like my thighs had grown a whole five inches wider overnight. I blame the Peeps.

4// Having to bite the bullet and pay that $314 hospital bill from when I gashed my foot open accidentally from that piece of glass. Mother fucker.

5// The fact that Outback Steakhouse doesn't serve its "Filet and Crab Legs" meal 365 days out of the year. Girlfriend can't afford fancy crab legs at fancy restaurants in NYC so let's help a sister out over here okay?

6// Distance. Give me flew powder and a Portkey already gosh damnit.

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