Living Room Decor

One of my favorite decor projects to date: the update of my Manhattan living room! Let's take a peek at it, shall we?

And that wraps up the picture dump of the new decor in my tiny New York City sized living room. Take a quick breath, there was quite a lot to take in right there.

Okay phew, we made it. 

So what do you think? If you hate it, just lie to me. If you love it, then come sit down right next to me because I'm driving the infatuation bus over here. It hasn't even set in yet that it's actually my own apartment. I feel like the seagull from Finding Nemo screaming "mine mine mine" as I twirl around in the middle of everything. Like, I think you can officially call yourself a freak when you get excited to go home, not because you get to take your pants off, but because you get to see your pretty new space again. Is this what missing your child all day feels like?

My shoebox is filled with all things pink, white, grey, and gold (obviously my most favorite colors of all) as well as the blooms and all my animal friends. Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. And I'd say I pretty much stuck to my plan way back when I posted my inspiration board for the room too. So I'd like to just give myself a "yo go Glen Coco" pat on the back for actually doing what I intended for once.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Tomorrow we'll be taking a look at my favorite part of the whole room (besides the bulldog of course, who may or may not come face to face with a can of metallic gold spray paint in the near future). The corner that houses my brand spanking new BAR CART. Someone come hold me because I think I'm love sick. I'll give you one tiny sneak peak for now but be sure to come back tomorrow to get the whole picture.

Source list:

Furniture: Couch - Craigslist (I didn't die, hooray), End table - Target (no longer sold), Coffee table - Target (no longer sold)

Rug: 8x10 Maples Fretwork - Target

Pillows: Elephant - H&M (so many amazing and insanely cheap finds in their home collection, obsessed), White floral - H&M, Coral - Society 6 (the cheapest most amazing site ever in life), Gold dots - Society 6, Ampersand - thrifted

Frames: Bed Bath & Beyond (don't buy frames here unless you're impatient like me - complete rip off)

Prints: Bicycle - Pinterest, Pink Punch Bug - Taryn St Michelle, Water color quote - So Shay, Roses - Anna With Love

Miscellaneous: Large wooden tray under coffee table - Target, Glass vase on bottom shelf of coffee table - H&M, Chalkboard/Corkboard - Target, Bulldog - TJ Maxx (I peed my pants when I found this), White heart bucket - Target dollar aisle, Pink striped box - Target dollar aisle, Gold glitter tray - DIY glittered vinyl paper inside a plain white frame