Do You Follow the Rules?

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So let's take a poll. How many of you follow the "No white after Labor Day / before Memorial Day" rule? Okay I take that back, we're not actually going to be taking a poll today. That would just require too much time and we all know what they say about that. Ain't nobody got time for it. So let's just assume the numbers are split pretty evenly amongst those who think it's a load of crap and those who actually take it seriously.

To those of you who take it seriously: what on God's green Earth is wrong with you? 

I kid, I kid. Sort of. But I'm honestly think the rule is pretty ridiculous. Maybe it's just more of a southern thing that I wasn't taught as a Northeasterner? Or maybe it's an old fashioned "my grandmother made me do it" thing? But whatever it is, it doesn't fly with me. I understand the "not wearing white pants or shoes during the winter months when there's enough slush on the street corners to cover my entire 5'4" being" thing. I mean, you'd just be a complete and utter moron to think that you could maneuver yourself through that filthy grime and still come out all Snow White like on the other side. But as soon as the monstrosity of winter ends and the warmer days come out to play? Oh girl, you better believe I'm whipping out the white denim and the white Sperry boat shoes. 

The springtime screams white to me. And since white is one of my favorite colors (or non-colors) I  basically count down the days until I think it's personaly acceptable to start wearing it. Which to me, is as soon as the thermometer tips off at 60 degrees. Definitely not some random holiday on a calendar.

Plus, hello, guys like girls who wear white jeans so why not get as many booty stares as we can, right? I mean, I've already been doing just that this past month. So much so that I decided to step out of my denim comfort zone and get a little bit friskier. Banana Republic was just what the doctor ordered because they were having a 40% off sale and I was able to score this dress for pretty damn cheap. Er, cheap in Banana standards anyway. Take a look.

It fits like a glove and I couldn't love it more. There's nothing better than finding pieces that look structured and sophisticated but feel comfortable and easy going. This dress is exactly that. I plan on wearing it quite a bit this summer. Dressed up with heels and a blazer for cocktail parties and events, then dressed down with boat shoes and a cardigan for trips to the beer garden and barbecues.

Plus, with my newfound love for U by Kotex products, I'll be able to wear it even on those days of the month when that other pesky "no white" rule comes into play. Cough, like the days when I show up at the drugstore in slippers to stock up on said products and then decide that the only way I'll survive the rest of the day is by eating ice cream for dinner. Oh yeah, those would be the days.

And since, you too, will probably be finding yourself making a run similar to mine within the next month or two (maybe with actual footwear on your feet), why not try the U by Kotex brand along with me so that you can get a pack of three free Goody hair elastics? They'll be attached to both the "Sleek" tampons and "Cleanwear" pad boxes if you're shopping at Walmart. But hurry because the offer is only good while supplies last!

I'm off to go shop for some more white clothing and finish this mint chip ice creams that's currently melting into a puddle of sadness next to me. But before we go, tell me, do you follow the "No white before Memorial Day" rule?

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