Charlotte Adventures

Well, let's see, it seems like I was supposed to recap my Charlotte trip yesterday wasn't I? But guess who decided to skip blogland and play hooky instead. Sue me. I'm happy to report for duty today, though, so let's just get this show on the road without any fancy introductions. I mean, I did just eat my ranch-dipped dinosaur chicken nuggets off of a Tupperware lid instead of a plate. Miss fancy pants has clearly already left the building today.

So I arrived in the Queen City Friday night after that heartbreaking eye opener of an experience at JFK that I told you about on Tuesday. I was pretty exhausted after the day I had, so a couple beers, a game of Bananagrams, and a little "let's Instagram a picture of this beautiful city from the balcony" was just what my body needed. But seriously, if you live in Charlotte and need a new apartment, go live in The Vue. It's freaking gorgeous. Especially from the 49th floor.

In true Erin fashion, I was up at the crack of dawn per usual Saturday morning even though I had no intention of being so. Yet another "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play" Frozen quote came in handy and the day began.

We started out the morning by playing tennis down at apartment building's court. Yes, tennis. That game I haven't played since phys ed my senior year of high school. I lost. Miserably. Obviously. The only backhand I understand comes in the form of watching girl fights on reality TV shows.

But without the tennis there never would have been Ruby, the puppy we met who pranced by the court on her way to the pet walk (told you the building was awesome). I petted her. A lot. Obviously. And then proceeded to text a picture of her to my mother pretending she was mine. Unfortunately, she was not even though I asked if she could be about seventy thousand times. I mean duh guys, would you expect any less? I just died over her cuteness. One day, Erin, one day.

Then we drove up (down? over? I don't know my North Carolina directions) to Lake Norman to have lunch at North Harbor Club. It was the most perfectly cozy spot ever to have lunch on a sunny 70 degree day. We sat in a deck chair type patio set outside, drank some Coronas, ordered burgers, and watched the yachts and sailboats go by. 

Great food, great environment, and even better service; I totally recommend it to anyone visiting or living in the area and I'll definitely be going back. Maybe pulling up in a boat next time with a Ruby by my side?

Later that night we headed to Selwyn's Pub in Myers Park to watch the March Madness final four games. They too have a great outdoor seating area so we got to kick back and relax on one of the couches to watch the games. That's about the time I started hating New York City for not providing me with decent enough weather to do such things like this in April. Charlotte: 1, NYC: 0.

But this was also the same time I started to pretty much die from allergies. I kid you not, I must have sneezed no less than 150 times just in the time span of us being at that bar. My eyes looked like bee stings and I went through an entire roll of toilet paper in the bathroom from blowing my nose. It wasn't pretty in the slightest. So ten points to Gryffindor NYC for that one. Just cross your fingers for me that the pollen somehow avoids Manhattan altogether this year. They do say to dream big don't they?

On Sunday we decided to take a trip to the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The initial plan was to actually do the whitewater rafting part. That is until I looked up the weather to find "60 and cloudy" and said "oh hell to the no, we're saving that for sunny and hotter than balls". 

Those riptide currents may be man made but they sure as all hell would still knock me straight up side the face getting me soaking wet. I'm all for adventure until it involves becoming a soggy frozen icicle so that was a no go. And after I saw one girl getting carried away from the water looking like she was cold enough to turn Charlotte into Arendelle herself (I just can't escape the Frozen references guys...) I was pretty pleased with my decision.

So we ended up forgoing all of that nonsense for the fantasy suite and did all of the other awesome things like the ropes course, zip lining, and rock climbing.

I obviously looked like a complete baller getting my Tarzan on so a selfie was necessary.

And baller I was because I completely owned each of the ropes courses without falling once and I also got the highest on the rock wall. Insert both the "pound it" and "girl flipping hair" emojis here. Oh and then go ahead and add one of those "oh my gawhd this is awful" faces right after because my muscles were sore puppies the next day. Something about not going to the gym for three months might do that to you, or something?

Whatever, might as well pack on the pounds all around. Beers and bowls of the yummiest chili ever came as the well-deserved prize at the end of an awesome adventure-filled day. Another point for the Queen City.

Later that night we ended up watching "About Time" with Rachel McAdams. And that's all I'll say about that because I don't want you to even think for a second about going and watching it. Snooze city. The "creator of Love, Actually" headline suckered me in and that was honestly the most exciting part of the whole thing.

Monday brought me a day to myself because I guess people have to work sometimes even when I don't. Sad face. But as soon as work was over we headed to a "hibachi" place for dinner. I put hibachi in quotations because it was not at all a hibachi place. We spent a solid twenty minutes googling and calling difference "hibachi" places asking if they actually had the grill and the little Asian man choochooing volcano trains around it. Each time we got the same response: "No the food is cooked in the kitchen." What the eff is that, Charlotte?! Do they just not exist in the south? NYC, back in the game once more.

We finished up the weekend by playing some fooseball and shuffleboard in the game room downstairs, watching the Madness championship, cooking up a homemade meal, plowing through an ice cream cake, and snuggling all before my 4:30am wake up call to head to the airport. Thus bringing on the saddest Erin face you ever did see because I was once again leaving depressed to be leaving my heart in Charlotte. Until next time you Queen of a city you.


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