32 Things That Make Me Happy

A couple days ago, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars wrote a post about 32 things she hates. I loved the post because, I too, find it almost too easy to sit down and bitch and complain about things that I don't like, or things that annoy me. Heck, it seems like most of the human population feels the same way since my post on "The 10 People I'd Like to Give Paper Cuts to Today" is still holding down the fort for one of my most commented on posts ever. We're human and we like to gripe; whatever.

But I've also noticed that it becomes much harder to take the time to pause and jot down just as many things that actually make us happy instead of annoyed. Things that we love. Things that bring excitement and joy to our lives. So Sarah and I decided to challenge ourselves to do just that; to take a moment to sit down and write out… "32 Things That Make Me Happy"

1. Living in an area that truly gets to experience all four seasons. The best time of the year is whenever we change over from one to another. Worn out winter boots into shiny spring sandals. Summer shorts that are too tight into cozy fall scarves. The best.

2. Thanksgiving Eve to Christmas Day, aka the actual best time of the year, hands down. Bring on the festiveness!

3. Okay okay, just all the holidays in general and getting to dress up for each one.

4. The smell of a brand spankin' new car.

5. Thunderstorms. Watching them, hearing them, getting caught in them. Rain is my most favorite of all the weather elements and unlike most, it gives me all the happies.

6. Being a master at stopping the DVR from fast forwarding at juuuust the right time.

7. Throwing on my Eli Manning jersey for the first game of the season and posting up at the local sports bar all Sunday long. Beers are necessary, wings are optional.

8. This pin.

9. Patty the Platypus Beanie Baby, who is still tucked away nice and safe in my apartment. I'll keep that thing forever and always.

10. Being loved by someone just as much as you love them.

11. Hunter boots. If you don't own them, get them. Because like I said, I'll even be getting bridal shots done wearing these babies because I love them that much. Dead serious.

12. ABC Family Harry Potter marathons and ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas.

13. Finding a tampon buried deep down in your bag when you were thiiiissss close to having to pull the makeshift toilet paper pad trick. I'm disgusting, deal with it.

14. Rompers. Nautical inspired rompers.

15. Growing up in a town small enough to keep me naive and sheltered throughout all of the hard peer pressure years.

16. My nanny kid. How a little mister that's not even mine can bring me so much joy and happiness is beyond me. I'm going to be a real mess whenever I have my own someday. 

17. Chipotle. Duh and duh.

18. Somehow managing to save money even though I don't make much of it and live in a city that robs me of half a month's salary just for rent every month.

19. Every single Disney Pixar movie. Except for Cars. And Brave. Just send me to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney already why don't you.

20. My blog name and the meaning behind it, even if this picture is rather gross looking. Check out that "two thirds hazel" business going on in that iris of mine. It's like a real life pie chart.

21. Being able to take a quick subway ride up to Yankee Stadium whenever I damn please, pay twenty bucks to sit in the bleacher creature section, and drink lots of beers while watching a game. Bring on the baseball boys!

22. Never being too old to play beer pong. Or pool pong for that matter. And yes ,that is an old wooden door. #resourceful

23. My grandmother. I don't tell her nearly enough how much I appreciate her and all of the wisdom and memories she's given me in my almost 25 years of life. I seem to be blinded by the fact that she won't always be around to send me random newspaper clippings and five dollar bills on Valentine's Day. I love that woman dearly.

24. Puppies. I mean, did I even need to make this a number?

25. The Real Housewives of, well, everywhere. And especially getting to meet one in person. Almost side-swiped Giggy into my bag but didn't want to get exiled Cedric style.

26. Just because flowers. It boggles my mind as to why men don't do this more often. Seriously, even one "just because" flower would light up a girl's entire freaking week. If you don't have a vagina and you are reading this, go buy your girlfriend/wife a just because flower. I mean it. Your non-vagina will thank me for it later.

27. Falling into a freshly made bed at the end of a long ass day.

28. Taking the '6' train down to Little Italy solely for the purpose of getting canolis.

29. How your face can magically transform after getting your eyebrows threaded. Five times prettier in five minutes time. It's miracle work, I tell ya.

30. The first two sets of footprints in Sheep's Meadow on the day this was taken. We New Yorkers measure the snowfall in Starbucks cups, not inches.

31. Having a life that's happy enough to be able to come up with 32 things rather quickly. There are so many people in the world who probably can't do the same. I'm grateful for that.

32. The fact that tomorrow is Friday and I'll be heading to Charlotte (again) to do the one thing that has been making me the happiest of all as of late.