Youth is Wasted on the Young

So yesterday was quite the eye opener for me as I sat here reading comment after comment from so many readers spilling their own college journeys to me. That's the great thing about this big bad blogging world. I've said it time and time again; it consistently amazes me to at one point feel so alone in my thoughts and problems, but then as soon as I hit the publish button after vomiting all of those thoughts onto the interwebs, I'm completely validated by all of you who are rowing the same exact boat that I am. One second I feel like some sort of lost wanderer and then the next, almost 100 of you are telling me you feel the same damn way. It's a beautiful thing to get such instant gratification in not feeling alone.

But as I kept picking through each word of your stories, my ever dying hatred for the ridiculousness that is our educational system kept growing and growing. It's terrifying that so many twenty something graduates have such a negative outlook. It's absurd that so many of us feel like we wasted tens of thousands of dollars on something we'll never use. It's mind blowing that generation after generation continues to succumb to the same fate just because "that's the way the system works".
Kimberly put it perfectly in her comment yesterday: "College is wasted on the young." 

It stopped me dead in my tracks because of how on point she was with that statement. Yeah, we got to sip enough Keystone Lights out of red Solos to fill up the Empire State Building, but I'm pretty sure we would've done that anywhere regardless of whether or not we were enrolled in a Bachelors program. Think about how much more we would get out of college if the average start date was 25 instead of 18. My head spins faster that Kim Richards' in one of her cracked out Housewives interviews just thinking about it. And then that got me thinking about how many other things are wasted on the young.

+Like naps. What kid actually appreciates and willingly wants to take naps? Zero. What adult wouldn't chop off their left pinky toe to get the chance to take a 2pm snooze under their desk every day at work? Roughly 4 billion. Yes I did just google how many adults there are in the world.

+Picture day at school. Do you know how badly I could use a professional photog to tell me to move my chin two millimeters to the left and to not smirk so hard.? Because all I can manage is an awkward "let's prop my iPhone on this ledge and attempt to take a self-timed selfie" when trying to capture outfit pictures for my blog these days. You can imagine how miserably I fail every each time... But hey, at least the hairstyles and fashion sense weren't wasted on my younger self. Good lord.

+Recess. Imagine if everyone in your department left the office building and threw big rubber balls at each other every day for 45 minutes? Oh my heck, the world truly would be a better place. Gracie Hart should've used this as her platform to make world peace sound like less of a joke.

+Recess the Saturday morning cartoon. It's as if they stopped making good animated shows as soon as we grew up. I mean, what gives? Give me back Doug Funny and Tommy Pickles. Enough of this Doc McStuffins crap. What even is that?
+Lunchables. Especially the nacho ones that came with the strawberry kiwi kind of Capri Sun.

+Or just plain getting your lunch packed up for you all nicely every day by your mother in general. I could really use my mom around for that these days. Maybe I'd actually eat something other than the stray half-opened granola bar and rotting banana in the bottom of my Longchamp.

+Santa. Self explanatory.

+Footie pajamas. Kids don't appreciate the ease of an entire warm and cozy body suit that can be taken on and off with one continual zipping motion.

+Metabolisms. Like honestly, what in the actual eff with this one. I want all the foods and all the beers and all the skinny twig like appendages as well. It's really not fair that calories are "necessary" when you're two and "nuisances" when you're twenty two.

+Youth in general. When we're young all we think about is growing up. Well, and cooties and math boxes and whether or not Andy Morris is going to ask us to dance to K-Ci & Jo Jo at the middle school ball. But in general, we all really want is to grow up and be the cool senior cracking sex jokes in the back of the school bus. Or the put together pretty girl who doesn't need to keep her hair back with butterfly clips heading off to college. Back then, we all just simply wanted to grow up. 

The only problem with that picture; we actually do grow up. And then we get to the point we're at now were all we do is wish we could go back to our younger days. The days of revoking an invitation to your Lisa Frank themede birthday party solely because some brat stole your Skip-It after school. Now we have passive aggressive tweets and jealousy and catty remarks made on Facebook statuses. It all just gets to be a bit much. So how 'bout we all just attempt to strap our mindsets to Miss Frizzles Magic School Bus and take them back a decade or two. 

Maybe we could simplify the difficult things a bit more and learn to honestly just appreciate all the rest.

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