Welcome to the Good Life

Well hello there darlin', I'm glad you're here today! Why just today? Well because there are some pretty amazing things going down on the blog that will hopefully excite the pants right off of you. We're living the good life at Two Thirds Hazel, so welcome to the party Kanye style.

P.S. you should probably just listen to that song while reading this. It's from the "Pre-Kanye is Cray" days so it's totally acceptable. Plus we only have one sleep left before we finally and officially get to Friday, so we might as well start the party off right. Right?

First up on the agenda we have one of my most favorite shirts ever. Ever ever. And it's my most favorite for so many reasons. 

A) Because, umm, there's a freaking UNICORN on it. Hello, what's not to love about that? Not liking unicorns is like not liking Harry Potter. It's just unfathomable.

B) It's bubblegum pink and I love anything pink. Except for Pepto Bismol and those gross little conversation hearts on Valentine's Day. Buy me those and I'll break up with you.

C) The fit and feel are superb. You know how t-shirts will sometimes be all awkward because the width is too wide for the length and you end up with a shirt that hangs on your torso all wrong? Yeah, well this one doesn't do any of that nonsense. Plus my skin also loves how soft it is. It's like wearing pajamas during the day it's so comfy.

D) The quote. It's just perfect. Especially after my rambling rant of a post from yesterday. 

And last but certainly not least...

E) It's made by the one and only Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants. Otherwise known as my blogland besty. Otherwise known as the genius behind IWYP by Whitney Ellen, a t-shirt line that sells a brand new one of a kind creation every two weeks. And this time around, the design is this unicorn living the good life.

Oh hey there blurriness. Can someone lend me their husband/personal photographer next time I need to take pictures of myself?

Whitsticle has been working her little butt off down there in the Sunshine state making this venture of hers quite the success story. She took an idea and ran her yoga pants all the way to the finish line with it, and I couldn't be prouder. I have loved watching everyone geek out over each new design and seeing the pictures of all the tees getting packaged up to be shipped out to their new homes. It's pretty amazing to have been along from the very beginning seeing all of it come to life so superbly. But then again what else can you expect from Whit? She's nailed each and every design so far.

But this one is by far my favorite. I was fangirling all over it as soon as she showed me the design. And then when she mentioned that she could have TWO color options instead of just the usual one? Oh man, I screamed pink faster than I could even blink.

It's beautiful in every way. So beautiful that I think you need one of your own. Yes, you! If you're not a frilly girly girl like me and despise all aspects of the color pink then you can also opt for the heather grey version of the same design. Either way, you MUST get this shirt. It's too amazing to pass up. I can only picture myself pairing it with a tulle skirt and twirling my way around Manhattan as soon as the sun decides to finally show face.

And because I'm that serious about wanting you to buy this gem (I mean I do need the besty to make some dough so she can fly back to NYC to see me one of these days), I'm offering free medium ad spaces to anyone who heads over to Whitney's site and orders one today. Just let me know if you do go purchase one after reading this post and I'll hook you up with your free spot. So go get your own slice of the unicorn pie by clicking HERE now!

Next up, I have yet another amazing offer to share with you today. Who wants to win a free iPad Air?! I'm going to go ahead and assume that would be everyone with a functioning brain, and since you're here reading this post, that means you.

My newest blog crush, Beverly, from Halfway to Fearless put together this super exciting giveaway and invited me to come play along. Obviously I would never turn down the chance of being able to grace someone's life with a shiny new piece of technology FOR FREE, so I jumped on board along with a couple other of my favorite bloggers.

And the only thing you need to do in order to have the chance to win this beauty is enter the Rafflectoper below. Boo to Rafflecopters, I know, but at least there are only five bloggers instead of the entire population of China to enter for, you know? Plus the four girls I'm teaming up with seriously are some of the most kind-hearted ladies around so you won't regret it when you're done. It'll be like the exact opposite of how you feel after eating Taco Bell. So go meet the other ladies and take a stab at winning an awesome prize below.

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