Today is a List Day - My Favorite Day

What's a list day you ask? A day when your head is spinning in too many different directions to let you sit in one space and concentrate on one thing for too long. Yet all those random thoughts doing cartwheels inside your head need to find a new home so that you can sit in one space and concentrate on one thing for too long. Well not too long, there are Housewife reunions to be watched and Wednesday thirty cent wing nights to be had, after all. Hence why a list of randoms is going to have to take precedence over a "real" blog post today. Sue me.

1// I finally bought myself a freaking bar cart. And yes the word "freaking" needs to belong in that sentence because I've been wanting to buy one since I started drinking. Wrong. Let's try that again. I've been wanting one since Pinterest told me it was the coolest thing to do since purchasing everything short of paperclips and a black and white striped pooper scooper from Kate Spade was the last coolest thing to do. 

I ended up getting the one that I had wanted for awhile too (see above picture of how someone else style theirs). It's the golden goddess of a brass one from where other than Target, of course. Except for I ended up getting it on clearance at the last possible minute because they are now no longer being sold online. Little win! So if you've been wanting one too, call up your store and see if they have it on clearance. You might just luck out like I did. And P.S. if you think you've seen me geek out over getting all festive for holidays before... just wait until I start decorating this baby up for every holiday here on out. Ohhh the excitement!

2// I think I need to purchase Apple TV. Should I purchase Apple TV? Is it worth it? I don't have Netflix and I need Netflix, so that makes me assume it's worth it. Yet I know absolutely nothing about how any of this online functioning television stuff works. Help a sister out over here because I feel dumber than all the celebrities that go on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" right about now.

3// I don't understand the controversy over the "Kimmy K / Kanny Ye" Vogue cover. I think we should definitely start calling him that don't you? I realize I'm more late than Janelle Evans' period every month commenting on this subject but good grief let the two live, god damnit. I'm not a fan of them either but my fan blades don't really start spinning for Rihanna or Lady Gaga either and they've both been sittin' pretty (or not if we're talking Gaga) on the cover before too. Who cares if she's only a reality TV star and who cares if he's a rapper, I'd say both are pretty big parts of our culture right about now.

Plus, I'm confused as to who forgot that magazines are an actual business looking to make money. Because one thing's for sure, Vogue certainly isn't confused when it comes to knowing how to make publicity and, in turn, bank. That's just me with the clouded head of bewilderment over here since I thought Anna hated Kim after banning her from the Met Gala two years ago. Wait, why am I talking about this again?

4// I need to go back to the gym. There I said it. Now I actually have to go.

5/ I've been working on some blogside projects lately. They're all unrelated to Blogcation but I am still, once again, a little nervous about them. I must sound like a broken record at this point. But my brain just won't stop grinding the gears and thinking of new things to excite me. And hopefully others. Except for it's all really wearing on my sleeping habits since I lie awake at night attempting to count sheep only to grab my phone and scribble another thought into my notes app. The other problem is that I have yet to follow through on any of the things written down in that note app. And I realized through Taylor's post yesterday that it's because of that pesky little word called "doubt". 

She kind of woke up my spirit at the most opportune time with this post and the quote pictured in it. So bravo, The Daily Tay, you've done it again. Thank you for slapping me back into reality even though I'm still going to be a confused twenty something for a few years longer.

6// On another serious note, thank you Chipotle for not delivering. Real life. Because of you sucking in this one sole aspect, I've been able to only gain a couple pounds from not working out these past three months instead of a couple hundred. Good looks, friend. Keep aiding me in eating only three burrito bowls a week instead of seven.

7// I figured out what I want to name my dog last night. Do I have a dog joining me in life anytime soon? No, but I did find a name. And if you know me at all you know how much I am completely and utterly obsessed with picking out names. Like, I'm pretty sure I will never have children just because I won't be able to decide on anything perfect enough for them. I'm also positive that my most favorite blog posts ever are those in which mom bloggers (or soon to be mom bloggers) reveal the names of their children. I fiend on those like a meth head on Heisenberg's blue meth. It's really fucking embarrassing, actually. But there you have one of my secrets. Although I'm not going to tell you what my non-existent future puppy's name is, duh.

I will tell you that I want it to look like Monica's new puppy, though. Her name is Charley (above) and she has her own Instagram that you should probably go check out over here. You'll die of cuteness several times a day like I do. But maybe you'll refrain from commenting on said Instagram telling her how jealous you are of her because her husband surprised her with such a bundle of cuteness and that's basically your biggest dream in life. I'll let you be the judge on whether or not you think I've done such a thing... 

8// Do any of you have plastic children's toy animals you'd like to send my way? I'll pay you. This is not a joke. This is not a false alarm. Proceed to stop drop and roll and send those animals to me, please and thank you.

9// I added 12 new blog designs to my portfolio this week. If you're up for it, you should head over to my design page to check them all out. I've had a ton of fun doing them lately, now that I've somehow found my balance with everything going on in life.

This was one of my favorites. One of those ones you start designing and wish you never sent it to the client so that you could have just switched it over as your own new design instead. 

10// Where in the hell is spring? I need outdoor happy hours like I need an extra seven hours in my day to get stuff done. And I need to be able to wake up, throw on a maxi dress, and run out the door in a pair of sandals like I need to be able to teleport to somewhere that actually hasn't forgotten that there are more seasons than just winter in a year. But hold off on those allergies, would ya Mother Nature? I'm trying not to look high and sound like Kermit all at the same time every damn day this spring.

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