This City I Live In

Manhattan has been my home for just over four years now. How I'm actually able to say that, I'm not sure. It's been blowing my mind ever since I hit the four year mark. Because in all honesty, it feels like I moved here decades ago, yet at the same time it's as if my parents dropped me off with all my big city dreams just last week. Time flashes before your eyes anywhere you plant your feet, but here in New York City - that saying is multiplied tenfold. 

And that's all because of the way life operates here. We grind the gears until there's nothing left to grind and rarely take the time to slow down and experience calmness. Some people consider that to be absurd (cough my father and anyone else living in my tiny "we don't even have a stoplight" rural hometown), but we just consider that life. Life in the best damn city this planet has to offer. I may be biased but then again I may just be telling the truth. I'll let you decide. But for me, New York is the bees knees, the corn salsa to my burrito bowl, the lime to my Corona Light, the apple of my eye. Pun intended. 

It encapsulates so much excitement and so many things that I shudder with anxiety just thinking about ever having to move away from. 

The hustle and bustle of all the fast moving parts. The unity we have even though we're one of the most diverse cities in the country. The Saturday afternoon baseball games at Yankee Stadium. The beer gardens along the Hudson River. The restaurants. The brunches. The way every bus pulls over at 8:46am on September 11th for a moment of silence. The absolute wonder that comes alive during the holiday season. The fact that you'll never be forced to feel an ounce of boredom because there are a thousand and one possibilities just within a twenty block radius. The streets being a source of fashion inspiration instead of the pages of a magazine. The ability to order just about everything short of money itself and have it delivered to your doorstep. The sheer determination written across every New Yorker's face during rush hour commutes. The pride we all have for simply being able to call ourselves "New Yorkers".

It's all pretty amazing when I wrap it up into one little paragraph.

But the thing about living here instead of being a tourist here is that New Yorkers don't feel the pressure to go experience all the things, all at once. Our timeline for seeing the hot spots and attractions doesn't have a flight out of JFK caveatting the whole thing. So, at least for me personally, I've probably experienced far fewer things that this city has to offer than even some of you who've just solely been here to visit.

Like the Empire State Building that I hadn't stepped foot in until about the two and a half year mark of me being an NYC resident. Or any of the museums (yes, any) (I'm seriously such an embarrassment). Or the really famous restaurants. Or the Statue of Liberty that I haven't been to since I was about seven. Or the Broadway shows. Or even some of the neighborhoods. I've taken so much of it for granted and I haven't really cared until now. I was just living life doing other "not so famous" things and having a great time doing so. 

But one day I'm going to move away from this place. Away from the hustle and the drive. And I'm going to regret not experiencing all those things that I could have and should have experienced while I lived here and actually had the chance to do so. Which led me to the decision to actively make a plan to do just that.

And that all started with the Brooklyn Bridge. 

New York City famous attraction #1: COMPLETED

Now onto the thousands of others I have yet to check off my city bucket list. Trust me, there might actually be that many. What's been your favorite thing to do or see / what are you dying to do or see here in New York?

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