Martinis, Bikinis, and Vegas

Today I have a special little lady here to take over the weekend. She's the perfect choice for Saturday fun because, well, she has a lot of it herself. Even her blog title screams "come have fun with me". Emily from Martinis and Bikinis (see told you it was a great title) grew up in the Caribbean before making her way to Florida for college. 

So we're all automatically jealous of her right? Right. 

Oh but then the girl also decided to pick up and take a trip to Las Vegas recently, a place that I've so desperately wanted to visit ever since I turned 21. I'm not much of a gambler because I like to keep my Benjamin's where I can see them; in my savings account or on my bar tab receipt, but I'm still itching to get myself out west. So I thought I'd have Emily over to share some of her favorite spots, just to maybe turn my itch into more of a plan. Or just to torture me. Whichever works. Make sure you check out her blog afterwards. She's posted quite a few crock pot recipes lately that I've been drooling over.


Hey hey! I'm Emily from over at Martinis & Bikinis ~ a vodka-infused lifestyle blog. I ramble about anything from traveling, shopping, happy hour with friends and my daily whereabouts in the Sunshine State.

Both Erin and I have been off on different travel adventures lately. While she was getting some sunshine and warmth in Caribbean, I was touring Las Vegas for the first time. My trip to Vegas was amazing so I thought I'd share some must-dos and affordable things to do for any first-timers out there.

#1: Ride the roller coaster at the New York, New York hotel.  It's only $14 and gives you a great view of the strip.

#2: Visit Fremont Street, which is the old Las Vegas strip. There's lots to do there and it's cheaper than the strip to eat, drink & gamble.

#3: Go on the Eiffel tower ride in Paris Las Vegas hotel. It takes you 46 stories above the city and gives you an awesome view of the Las Vegas Valley.

#4: Make sure to see Bellagio Fountains at night. They go off every 30 minutes and put on a beautiful show.

#5: Experience the Gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel. Or at least go walk around the Venetian hotel. It's super gorgeous!

For the Veterans: what's your favorite thing to see or do in Vegas?

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