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Breaking your laptop on a Sunday night means you won't be blogging on a Monday morning. Hence my absence from these parts yesterday. Not that I didn't do the same exact thing last week without having any valid excuse, but that's neither here nor there, so let's just forget I said that.

I haven't done a weekend recap post since about 2013 (suddenly that feels so long ago) and I had a great one this past weekend, so I guess maybe I should switch things up a bit around here and do one. We're getting real crazy, I know.

Friday was pretty uneventful when it comes to blog worthy shenanigans but completely perfect for my own. You know you're growing up and getting old when going out on a Friday after a long week seems like the evil cousin to hell. Because normal people go home after work to change out of their really uncomfortable clothes into over sized tees and yoga pants (if you even get to the pants part). Yet that's what I wear to work every day. So going home to change from all that is heavenly and stretchy into something that is completely not, plus having to put on makeup and exert energy into being a functioning/exciting human in public usually just sounds like something short of torture to me. So off I went to be one with my couch, indulge in all the foods, tune into TLC's "Friday BrideDay" and pump out some blog designs. I lead a thrilling life, obviously.

But Saturday arrived soon after and it was an absolutely gorgeous day in Manhattan, so I took full advantage of it by dragging the bin full of sandals out from under my bed and slapping some on my feet. I regretted that later in the day when 60 turned to 40, but I won't tell anyone if you don't. I ended up heading downtown to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time ever. Yes ever, I realize how embarrassing this is. I've lived in New York City for over four years and had never step foot on it. 

And that's not the only landmark I've somehow seemed to have avoid all these years. A post may have to come of this later in the week because I definitely took plenty of pictures on my DSLR while hiking across it.

After reaching the other side in Brooklyn, I hopped on the C train and headed back into Manhattan for some lunch in Little Italy. A plate of manicotti, a pitcher of Sangria, a canoli, and a little trip to Union Square Park to soak up some sunshine later, it was nap time. And that's because I had to go to a club on Saturday night. And going to a club isn't just the cousin to hell like going out on a Friday, it actually is hell. Because trucking my ass around Manhattan in heels just to pay out of the ass crack for a beer is basically the definition of it. No joke, we bought two Coronas and two Washington Apple shots for (grab hold of your seat)...


Five. Nine. Fifty nine. Fucking nuts.

Good thing the best was with me every step of the way. Taxi cab pre-game, creepy parking garage attendant, lost credit card, and awkward morning and all. I love that little lady more than she ever knows.

Sunday was obviously spent taking naps, ordering food delivery, and watching more Say Yes to the Dress. Because even though I haven't been hungover in quite some time, it's absolutely unavoidable when dealing with club outing aftermaths. 

And that eventually brought is to Sunday night when I decided to finally watch Frozen. I seriously feel like such a failure at life for having waited this long to see a Disney movie. Walt is looking down on me from somewhere with severe disappointment in his eyes. It's just so unlike me, being the child that I am and all. But I made myself a cozy little slumber party to watch it and thank goodness I did because it was FLIPPING amazing! Probably one of my favorite Disney's to date. 

Queen Elsa might be the most gorgeous "princess" Disney has had yet, Olaf is easily the funniest damn supporting character ever, the storyline is phenomenal, I've decided I no longer want a puppy because I just need a pet reindeer like Sven, and I honestly wouldn't mind having Idina Menzel sing me to sleep every night for the rest of my life. Good thing I bought it, too, because I'll probably be watching it seven times a week for quite a while. P.S. for all of you who haven't seen it - it's out on DVD today. You're welcome for providing you with plans this evening.

And that brings us to yesterday. St. Patrick's Day. I barely even celebrated this year and I feel like a failure, once again, because of it. I mean, my name means Ireland after all and I love the shit out of every holiday, especially this one. Holidays on Mondays should just be illegal. Obviously I still had to get a little festive, though. The world might have stopped turning if I hadn't.

P.S. You need to go get yourself one of these coozies. It's from Molly's Etsy shop and she's one of the sweetest momma's ever in Blogland. The one I have is meant for a coffee cup, but umm, I don't like coffee and I do like beer so there you have it. But either way, go get one HERE

And now it's just Tuesday. A boring old Tuesday. I plan on making it a Taco Tuesday just to liven things up a bit around here. I'm off to go catch up on all of your weekends, so I hope they were good.

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