Finding My Passion and Running With It

Remember how in that one post two days ago I mentioned wishing I would have gone to school for interior or graphic design? Well, I really wasn't kidding. Let me tell you why.

For the past couple weeks I've been completely obsessed with acquiring all new things for my living room. My space is pretty tiny (thank you Manhattan shoebox real estate) but that doesn't mean I can't fill it will all things girly and fun. Except for I haven't really done that in the 15 months I've lived in my current apartment. There isn't a single freaking thing on my living room walls besides one extra large gold frame (found on the curb of 73rd and Park) (the shit rich Upper East Siders throw away, my god) that held a year old Christmas wreath in it up until a few months ago. Laziness is a virtue when you can almost pass off last year's holiday decor as this year's...

Anyway, it all started when I realized my white shaggy area rug was no longer white and shaggy at all. Apparently twelve months is the going shelf life for anything white that parties with dirty trampling feet. It's gotten browner and browner with each passing day, kind of like Michael Jackson just the opposite way, and I'm over it.

So up to my web browser I went, typing in the letters t-a-r-g-e-t, clicking the home decor tab, and pushing submit on a brand new 7x10 before my brain could even compute what it was doing. Blacked out Target shopping is a serious disease, my friends. Taylor even told me so. So one Maples Framework Area Rug in charcoal grey later and I was well on my way to spending the next umpteen days Pinteresting for inspiration, buying enough throw pillows to give every homeless man in this city a place to put their heads at night, and browsing decor sites that I won't be able to afford until I'm at least 82 (and that's only if there's any social security left).

I have a bit of a collection of things piling up the corner of the room waiting for the day when I think I finally have enough exciting new things to re-do the entire space at once. I need it to be a completely new adventure, not just a trickling in. But I still have quite the ways to go. Thus the reason why I stayed up until 1:30am last night for no good reason putting together a collage of all things that are inspiring my vision.

Ain't she pretty?! Another collage I want to print out, frame, and stick on my wall. It's okay to spend an hour or two making things that no one else will find even remotely intriguing just so long as they ignite some sparks in your own heart, right? I sure hope so because I'm pretty much obsessed with making graphics lately. I could literally sit on my couch for six hours resizing pictures, moving them an inch this way, a millimeter that way, combining colors, picking out fonts, and piecing everything together in a spatially pleasing way. And after those six hours I'd look up and say "holy mother effer, who messed with the clock?" because I honestly get so enthralled in doing it that I don't even care about time ticking away.

So I think what I'm trying to get at here is that I need to take all of that advice from Wednesday and maybe put it to use. We'll have to see how the interior decorating part goes once I finally redo my space, but for now we can focus on the graphic design. Anyone know of any workshops or online tutorials or classes in New York City?

Oh and guess who has an exciting little announcement to go along with my desire to start conquering some dreams? If you guessed me you get a glittery gold star. Or a line of glittery gold arrows, because...

I am now officially accepting self-hosted Wordpress users as design clients! Pop the champagne and throw some confetti because it's about damn time, am I right? So if you're one of those Wordpress users looking to spice things up a bit and give your blog a little spring cleaning, be sure to head on over to my design site to check things out and hopefully get things started. I would absolutely love to waste hours of life on my couch perfecting a design that you'll want to hug by the time I'm through with it. So go, run!

Plus it's Friday and we do happy things on Friday. So even if you're a Blogger user like me, you too should probably head on over there and get yourself a makeover. I mean, I do still really want someone to email me wanting to use this color palette. Seriously, or else I might have to design Two Thirds Hazel all over again and I just can't do that.

Happy weekend friends! I'm hoping for 55 degrees, sunshine, green beers, and some Syracuse wins! So let's get to it.

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