Dear Copycats, How Rude

Dear Friday, I love you entirely way more than I normally love you today because your arrival means that I'm finally headed back to Charlotte on an airplane. Dear Charlotte, you and I have a hot date until Monday morning and I couldn't be more excited for all the things we're going to do and all of the gorgeous weather you're about to give me. Dear weather gods, thank you from the bottom of my beating heart for gracing me with 60+ degrees these next two days. I owe you one. Now just get your ass up to NYC so you can grace us North Easterners with some sunshine as well, okay? Because I'm honestly just so sick and tired of having the air hurt my face. It's rude. Dear foot stitches, thank you for making me realize I still have nail polish from the cruise on my toes, yet also forcing me to realize that I'm not allowed to be getting a pedicure while I have you sitting pretty in my epidermis. Things are looking a little ratchet around here. Dear fugly nail polish coverers aka socks, you're a lifesaver. Dear Full House, thank you for playing a marathon of episodes every night. And thank you for reminding me that there are still moral fibers buried deep in humanity just so long as we pull out the sappy music and heart to hearts. Just don't show me the episode where Michelle falls of the horse and we'll be good. Dear airport, I will not get stuck in the cluster fuck that is Friday night traffic in New York. I will arrive at your doors on time tonight. I will not have to shove me way through security. I will not have to run. I will not cry like a baby upon arrival at my closed gate. I will make my flight this time around so help me, because last time around caused enough anxiety to last a lifetime and I'm through with all that. Dear Frito Lay, I've been craving 3D Doritos like a pregnant woman in a pickle shortage. Can you pretty please bring them back to my life? People WILL buy them, I'm sure of it.  And by people I mean just me. So maybe don't bring them back. So this is what coming full circles means huh? Dear copycats, I realize taking inspiration from another is a very thin line but taking a screen shot of my sidebar and putting on yours is straight up copying. And that's not cool. I'm just hoping you're more clueless than you are a straight up stealer. Dear nanny kid, you are the cutest thing since a Despicable Me minion now that you've started saying my name all day everyday. First it was "Rin" and now it's "Eh-Win" and I just melt into a puddle of mush every time I hear yet. Dear St. Patrick's Day, a Monday, really? Dear weekend, try to drag on as long as this past week has okay? Because I'm trying to hang on to you for as long as possibly possible. Anddd go.
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