An Important Blogcation Update!

***If you have no idea what Blogcation is please head over here to this post and this website to get updated on all the exciting info. You're really going to want to listen to me on this one for once.


Oh hey party people! We haven't discussed all things Caribbean vacation in quite a while, so I figured it was about time I gave you all an update with some more info on all of the fun things we'll be doing exactly 290 days from now.

There was quite the excitement surrounding Blogcation within the first couple weeks of its launch. I'm pretty sure I didn't blink, let alone remove myself from my computer, from 8:00am until midnight on the first day. Everyone was tweeting, emailing, and commenting on the post letting me know how interested there were and I couldn't have been happier. Happier like I bought the Despicable Me fluffy unicorn off eBay, happier. It was just so fluffy!

But with all the excitement also comes the fact that Blogcation does have a limit on the number of people that can attend. And the cruise company, Princess, can't guarantee that we'll be able to keep holding rooms for those wanting to attend forever. Nor can they guarantee that the deal of a cruise price we currently have locked down can, in fact, remain locked down forever. There's just no way I can tell anyone who's planning on booking later on in the year that they'll actually be able to book with the same rates and rooms I have now. So, basically, if you plan on attending but also plan on holding off on booking for another few months, you just simply might not be able to get a room at the $150+ cheaper rate that we have going. Ahh!

And if that ever happened I'd be one sad panda bear because my dream of being able to meet and party and play with all my favorite bloggers would be demolished. Which in turn means...
If you have ANY interest at all in attending Blogcation, please please pretty please put down the $250 deposit now instead of later. It's not about business, it's just about insuring that you'll have a room and a room at the current rate without the worry of it all disappearing soon. 

Plus, you can get a full refund of this deposit at any time up until October 16th, should you decide to cancel. So there's really no downside to getting your foot in the door, er, flip flop on board. There's only an upside because you'll be officially joining the best blogger conference and vacation ever!

Now that all the important stuff is out of the way, let's talk fun. As you know, we'll have the two days at sea, which will be when the conference portions and open bar cocktail parties take place, and then we'll also have the four islands we're traveling to: Cozumel, Mexico // Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands // Roatan, Honduras // Princess Cays, Bahamas.

And since we never really talked too much about all the great things to do while on Blogcation besides having the best time ever with a bunch of bloggers, it's about time to shove some pictures in your face.

Princess Cays: 
We'll have a day filled with beaching it, boozing it, and doing all sorts of beach and water activities. There are a ton of beach chairs and cabanas if you're into the tanning your cheeks thing. There are bars if you're into drinking enough Pina Coladas to make your body feel like it's rocking with the waves even when you're completely not thing. There's also beach volleyball, ladies that will bead or braid your hair, snorkel rentals, kayak trips, and banana boat rides to top it all off.

Grand Cayman:
I know there are quite a few squeamish ladies out there who will give me a resounding "hell to the freaking no" on this one. But what I'm doing in Grand Cayman is swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City. There are a bunch of excursion coordinators there that know what they're doing, and these stingrays are used to a bunch of tourists swimming around with them, so everything will be a okay. Plus they'll only kill you if you're name is Steve Irwin and I'm pretty sure your name is not that.

I feel like this will most likely be a beach day for many since the beaches are so beautiful here, but for anyone up for a little more adventure than sandy toes, there's a water park called Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. There are water slides, pools, an underwater Mayan city, and a floating water park to run around on. I already feel like a six year old just looking at all of it.

One item at the top of my bucket list is to swim with dolphins. I swam with wild ones when I was in Hawaii but you can't really get up close and personal to touch them when they're not trained to, you know, let you touch them. So I want to do the dolphin encounter at Antony's Key Resort like I want to be able to continue breathing. But there's also beaches, a famous iguana farm, and other tropical island activities to take advantage of as well, of course.

On Board:
Plus for all those times we're not off exploring the Caribbean, there's still plenty to do on the ship. My favorite activity is simply just laying out on the top deck with all my friends tanning and ordering buckets of beers (shocking, I know). There's also "Movies Under the Stars" where there's a really big movie theater screen on the top deck that will show movies, concert series, and playoff football games. So fun! There's a sanctuary near the spa area if you're trying to do that whole "relaxing" thing while on vacation. Plus, I made it a habit on my last cruise to hit up the wine bar called "Vines" every night for a happy hour before heading to dinner. 

For the boytoys:
Is your significant other worried about attending? Does he think he'll be all by himself when you're off with all your blog friends doing blog things? Well tell him he's wrong because he is and if he argues just send him my way. I've been known to tweet at husbands to try to entice them into letting their wives attend Blogcation. 

Just tell him this: The conference is only from 10am-12pm on two days. That's four hours total. I'm sure you can occupy yourself for that long when not on a cruise. But since you WILL be on a cruise, there are quite a few options available to you. You can gamble at the casino, smoke a cigar in the cigar bar, play pickup basketball, watch some NFL playoffs on the movie theater sized screen on the top deck, house unlimited amounts of food at the buffet, go to the gym to work off all that food, swim, lay out, or sleep in. Plus they're allowed to attend the two free open bar cocktail parties that come with your blog conference ticket. So if all else fails, entice him with free booze. Sell, sell, sell, ladies! 

We have faith in you!

Throwback to my cruise seven years ago - brace face and all. I promise you'll look better on this one!

Because, in all honesty, there's nothing quite like getting your tan and drink on all day while exploring new places you've never been, then heading back to the boat to get all fancily dressed up, heading down to the wine bar for a bottle of Riesling, making your way to a five start dining room for endless amounts of the most amazing food ever while being waited on like a princess, and then checking out a comedian or a magician or a singing competition or a show before heading to the club to dance the night away before waking up to do it all over again. Phew that was the longest run on ever.

But it was a must because I'm panting like a cracked out puppy just thinking about it all right now. So, in all serious, come join me on this adventure and put your deposit down today. I promise you won't regret it!

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