A Weekend at Home

Another Monday, another weekend for the books blog archives; I don't hate it one bit. 

I randomly decided to take a trip home last Friday after work to see friends and family. It wasn't planned but it was definitely needed. So onto the five hour bus ride I climbed, with my MacBook filled with all the downloaded TV shows I wasn't able to watch last week, you know, because I STILL DON'T MOTHER EFFING HAVE CABLE. Remember when I blogged about how much I despised Time Warner about a week ago? Yeah, I now feel whatever word is worse than that. Eric, the Time Warner rep who was "delighted to speak with me about any issues I may be experiencing", probably wasn't feeling so delighted by the end of my rampage on the phone last night. Assholes.

But onto my weekend at home.

The home that is now something short of a petting zoo with all the dogs roaming around inside of it. There's Princess Leia on the left, who we've had since I graduated high school. Then there's the little monster puppy Aria, who we've had since I bugged out about getting a puppy my parents getting a puppy last spring. And last but not least, Dutch, who belongs to my Lil Broski and his girlfriend. But Lil Broski is off at bootcamp so now the Master lives at home, making my kitchen look like a pool of wading sharks whenever the fridge opens up.

I think I love going home just for the sole reason that I'll have one or two warm snuggly bodies to sleep next to each night. There may be quite a few puppy snores and even more puppy shoves coming from  my end trying to halt the snores, but it's still the best ever. 

What was also the best ever was finally getting to hold my newest addition to the "let's be a twelve year old" party. The fluffiest fluffernutter ever, the Despicable Me unicorn. IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!

I ordered her off eBay weeks and weeks ago so she could be the official mascot of Blogcation but I hadn't realized my home address was still in there. So instead of coming straight to my arms in Manhattan, she had to take a little timeout at home until I could go snatch her up and save the day.

Saturday I had a little girl's day with my mom, grandma, and broski's girlfriend. Those are always the best days and I get sad thinking about all the ones I miss out on because I live five hours away from all of them. Why isn't teleportation a thing yet? We have shit that you can spray in your toilet to make your shit not smell like shit, buttt I'd seriously rather just be able to push a button and be somewhere else within seconds than have the freshest bathroom in all the land. So let's divert the smarts away from poop miracles and toward Hogwarts type awesomeness. 

And then let's go see Divergent again because I haven't stopped thinking about it since I left the theater. I haven't read any of the books but I really did love the movie. 

The concept of destroyed America and the factions and the breakdown of society all fascinated me. I love any type of story that depicts a whole new universe for me to imagine and this one did just that.  I've been thinking about what faction I'd choose ever since. Plus, it didn't hurt that I found myself my newest husband to add to the mix. Sister Wives? No. More like Erin's Brother Husbands. Hit me up TLC.

And Theo James is the latest cast member added to the crew because holy bananas is this man gorgeous. Three has always been my favorite number but after seeing his face on the big screen for two hours and twenty minutes, I've changed my mind to 'four'. Smokeshow city.

Oh and speaking of smoke, we went to the new hibachi restaurant, Sumo, in Ithaca afterwards for a friend's birthday dinner. It's safe to say that I think I've finally determined my answer to the age old "what would your last meal be" question. It's hibachi, hands down. Hands down as in I need to somehow rent out when of these frying stations to have at my wedding. And then somehow also steal it while wearing my wedding dress so that it can come home and live with me forever. It's just too damn good.

Later on, we headed downtown to watch the band "Showtime" play at the Ithaca Ale House. And that's about the time I also ended up finding the band for my wedding. Wedding food: check. Wedding band: check. Who knew I was going to plan out the biggest day of my life on one random trip home?

Oh and have I mentioned the fact that I'm not getting married anytime soon? Yeah… I never said I wasn't completely crazy.
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