Notice Anything New Around Here?

Surprise! Someone has a pretty new blog design and that someone is little ol' me. Isn't she just beautiful with all her girly colors and simply stated details? Oh, and aren't you glad the wait is finally over and I can stop bugging you with that "exciting new thing" I've been promising to tell you about for, like, ever? 


This is totally 100% not the surprise I've been so annoying about for, like, ever. Because I'm still being annoying and you're still going to have to wait. But but BUT, I'm here to tell you that you'll only have to wait two more days because I'm finally going live with it on Monday. Aka as soon as you get your butt back here after your lovey dovey Valentine's Day weekend it'll be sitting pretty in all its glory. And if you don't get any presents today from a loved one, it'll be just fine because I'm giving you the best present you could ever hope for next week. I pinky promise. And I'm not even crossing my toes. You're welcome.

But anyway, back to my brand new design that I kind of am in love with more than I probably should be. I realize that I kind of just gave myself a new one a few months ago, but I was slowly getting sick of the huge letters jumping out at me every day. Plus a girl can't stick with hot pink and gold forever, right? Right, because this is the color board and brand inspiration behind the new girl in Two Thirds town and it's not hot pink or gold in the slightest.

P.S. I received an email from someone yesterday addressing me as Two Thirds. Like "Dear Two Thirds, I love your blog, you're pretty, blah blah blah". How silly. P.P.S. I definitely just made up the "you're pretty part" for shits and giggles.

So much goodness in one mood board. I may just have to print it out and hang it right next to those pink Hunter boot photos from yesterday's post. Can you tell I've lived in the same apartment for over a year and a half and still have absolutely nothing hanging on the walls? Whoops…

I still have quite a few things left to do for this new design, so don't get too jumpy and start clicking around in too many places. I need to update my "about me" page like I need to update the 16 year old child's picture on my 24 year old license. So I'm probably going to go do that now instead of bore you with my words in an actual post today. Oh and maybe go take a nap as well seeing as how Blogger decided to suck donkey dung and waste my precious sleep time last night. This damn site is more temperamental than my almost dead Time Warner Cable remote. Have you ever tried to operate a Time Warner Cable remote that's running on the last bit of better juice? You'll sprout a solid seven grey hairs per minute. I've calculated it.

Guys, I'm not even making logical sense at this point. I'm just going to excuse myself now. I hope Cupid shoots an arrow or two at you tonight and you get romanced like no other. I already called up that fat little babe and requested beers instead. It'll be a good night. Catch you all back here bright and early next week for the most exciting thing ever!

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