My Brain Just Vomited

Welcome to my random ass Thursday. Enjoy the ride or hop off quick because things are about to get a tad bit odd and a whole lotta all over the place around here.

Lately I've decided that taking one day off a week from my blogging duties really does the body good. Just don't count the fact that I take both Saturday and Sunday off too. Because that apparently sums up to three days a week instead of one. Or something.

Tostitos creamy spinach dip. That jar of goodness is as tasty as all heck. Oh and so is white cheddar popcorn sprinkled on top of chili. That is all.

I watched part of the creationism/evolution "debate" Tuesday night. All I have to say is this: Bill Nye the Science Guy for President.

It's rather disturbing that a ripe 37 degrees feels balmy enough to make me want to whip out the Sperry's and maxi dresses. Why do I live in Manhattan again?

Wait. I remember. It's because I get to experience things like I did on Tuesday any time I want. P.S. thank you all for telling me how pretty my pictures were. P.P.S. thank you all for determining that buying that $500 fancy pants DSLR was a total waste of money seeing as all of those gorgeous pictures were taken on my iPhone. Balls…

Guess who clinked her heels together while skipping down the streets of Manhattan yesterday morning after reading about CVS removing cigarettes from all of their stores. If you guessed me, you'd be winning your chicken dinner.

Vanderpump Rules needs to be on every night of the week, for all the weeks.

Why am I not best friends with whoever was genius enough to have conjured up and invented this idea.  I feel as if we could really do big things for this world. And by big things I mean ruin all the livers, one Solo Shot at a time. P.S. apparently this new besty of mine isn't so much of a genius after all, because Red Jr. sounds way worse than Solo Shot. Come on now.

I have been working on something REALLY exciting for quite awhile now. Like, I can't even put words into a sentence to explain how exciting this new venture of mine is. And guess what, I'm almost ready to unveil the whole thing to the blog world and that just makes my heart shake inside my chest. Gah!

Happiest of birthdays to my main bitch, Karly. I know her in real life so it's okay for me to call her that. I tried to get you on Ellen but you're just going to have to settle for candy. Sorry about it.

The Olympics start today. Expect to see me, umm, never. Because I will be actively avoiding all social media spoilers like Janelle Evans avoids condoms. And on that note, happy Thirsty Thursday. Practice safe sex and don't tell me who wins any of the skating competitions or I will cut you like butter.