Letters For Everyone

Dear Friday, it must be a tough life being loved on by so many people every single week. I'm not quite sure how you handle so much praise and affection but I'm glad you stand your ground and show up for me, without fail, every single time. I love you, Friday. Dear Erin, you're a moron. You don't have to work today, therefor yesterday was your Friday and today is your Saturday. Get it together girlfriend. Dear Gracie Gold, why am I not you? Dear world, why is it not socially acceptable to wear ice skating outfits around all day? Who says jeans and t-shirts have to be the norm? Give me sparkly leotards and frilly skirts short enough to let my cheeks hang out. Dear Blogcation, you have caused me to be the busiest little bee this week and I am absolutely loving every single minute of it. Dear haters, you're silly. I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient. Dear lil broski, we finally got your address at bootcamp and I'm going to be writing you a REAL letter oh so soon. Dear U.S. Army, when did you become cool enough to have Facebook pages complete with pictures and updates of the soldiers in said bootcamp? This is seriously amazing. Dear chips and dip, why can't I quit you? Dear Teen Mom 2, why can't I quit you too? Dear weather gods, muah! Kisses for blessing me with fifty degree weather two days in a row this weekend. It feels like a Caribbean vacation getting to wear a jacket instead of a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, fleece, vest, parka, eskimo hat, layer of whale blubber, etc. Dear blog design clients, I am so very sorry that I've gotten a bit behind. Your names are all over my schedule this weekend! Dear eBay, I just won the most FLUFFY item from you and I couldn't be more excited to receive it. Jumping and smiling ear to ear will occur. Two points to anyone who can guess what this item is. Dear USA hockey team, I don't even like hockey but I'm going to pretend like hell that I do today because I'm super excited to watch you beat Canada. #merica #loserkeepsbieber Dear ATM machine, it feels better than cashmere to only ever visit you when needing to put money in instead of take money out. Let's keep this whole "I'll be the generous one" kind of relationship going for awhile, shall we? Dear Erin's brain, life is like a big game of chess. There are quite a few paths you can take to win, just make sure you think about which pawn you're going to knock over before making your next move. Amen. Dear Friday's Letters, you are the perfect recipe for my random and chaotic blog life personality. Thank you for letting me word vomit all over you today. Dear weekend, let's do this thing.

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