Hunter Boots and Holidays

I think this post's title might be my most favorite one I've ever written. Hunter Boots; one of my all time favorite things in the whole wide world. And holidays; one of my other all time favorite things in the whole wide world. Put the two together and you get those miraculously pretty pictures up there that I may just have to frame and plaster all over my apartment walls.

You think I'm kidding...

I would also like to point out that I actually took these pictures with my real, live, functioning, fancy pants DSLR camera. I'm just as shocked and amazed as you are right now that I finally put it to good use. And I can now be happy again that I suckered myself into purchasing said camera on Cyber Monday all those weeks ago. Because pretending to be a photographer and squatting down on the ground to get the perfect angle really did make me feel all professional like. Although the stares I got from anyone within a 20 foot radius totally did not. Oh well, I now have the most fabulous Valentine 's Day inspired pink and red photos of all time.

But none of it would've been possible without the pink Hunter boots. I mean could you not just DIE over them? That last sentence is the whitest white girl thing I've ever said in the history of my life as a white girl. But it's just so stinkin' true.

You may remember that one time when I asked everyone on my Instagram whether or not I should get olive green or hot pink Hunter's next. Then again if you don't follow me on Instagram you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. But anyway, I asked. 
And obviously the pink won the voting contest. Except for I actually just made that up since I stopped tallying votes after about comment 10 of 50 plus. But since I already have a black pair, I decided that a bright color would be the best sibling for my original Hunters instead of another blander, neutral choice.  Don't you dare think for a second that I won't one day purchase myself the olive pair though. I already feel bad that I disowned them.

Anyway, the best part about the entire experience of getting new Hunter boots was the fact that Surfdome approached me asking if I wanted to partner up with them since, well, they're an online store that sells them.

This was basically like asking me if I wanted a lifetime supply of burrito bowls delivered to my door by fluffy puppies. I said yes faster than my brain could even process the word. And if you can picture my excitement then, you should have seen me when that famous Hunter box showed up at my apartment. doorstep. Pure euphoria. And quite a few "What the hell is wrong with you / Is that rubber laced with crack?" looks from my roommate.

But why am I telling you about my excitement over a pair of pink boots? Well because they're freaking gorgeous of course. And I also think others should share in my love affair with Hunters and this website that sells them. Because the best parts about Surfdome are both their prices and the fun colors  they have in stock. There's way more variety than your typical department stores, for way less money. For instance, the Original Tall Gloss Fuscia ones that I have (you can find them right here) are currently only $75 on their site. Let me repeat: seven. five. doll. hairs. That's half the price they normally are!

Now they don't have every single size in this color, nor is every single color this cheap, but if you look around at all the other options on this page you'll be sure to find some amazing deals. Just remember to convert the UK size to US and the Pounds to Dollars, since they're located in the United Kingdom.

Oh and then go ahead and tell me that you too are obsessed with some certain brand of clothing so I can feel better about my craziness. But hey, I guess obsessing over rubber rain boots is better than obsessing over what type of nonexistent flowers my nonexistent boyfriend will be getting me on my nonexistent Valentine's Day. Although I'm obviously still celebrating the festivities with heart printed paper straws anyway. My middle name should have been "Holiday" after all…