Completely In Awe - Plus a Surprise!

Just fill up your Swiffer Wet Jet with Two Thirds Hazel the next time you decide to clean your kitchen because holy goodness me almighty, I am FLOORED! I can not even put into words right now how amazing these past two days have been with all the unbelievably amazing feedback Blogcation has received. It all started out as a dream and now we're sitting here; in reality.

I was a complete and utter wreck Sunday night before it went live. I stayed up until 4am reading over and double checking every sentence on the website more times than I've seen Miley Cyrus' half bare ass over the past year. And even after slamming my laptop shut, downing half a can of Pringles as a "this is all you can do, relax" type of reward, and shoving my head under two pillows, I still couldn't get to sleep. I was just too excited, nervous, and scared as all hell to do anything a normal functioning human would do.

So I laid there going over every possible scenario of how the reveal would go. Would it flunk? Would it go great? Would people think I'm crazy? Would people laugh? Would people love it? Would people be let down?  On and on I went.

And then 7:55am arrived with a text from my father letting me know "Christmas" had officially arrived and I was back up with my head shoved into my Macbook Air because 8:00am was my "go live" hour. I'm pretty sure those first five minute between hitting the "publish" button and receiving the first comment were the longest five minutes of my life. Like imagine me waiting in line for Chipotle, drooling at the mouth like Pavlov's dog after a few bell rings and then multiply it by how many stars are sitting pretty up there in the galaxy every night. An eternity; that's what it felt like if I lost you with all that nonsense. 

But then the comments came. The tweets came. The emails came. The likes and the follows and the blog posts and the Instagrams, they all came. And what's even better? The bookings started flowing in shortly after.

And that is the exact moment when I died inside. So much so that I think that stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me needs to become Blogcation's mascot because I just felt like screaming the following at the top of my lungs all day.

Just replace "fluffy" with "exciting" and you'll have the only thing that's been running through my mind over the past couple days. I'm honestly just so completely dumbfounded by the overwhelming love and support everyone has shown both me and my new venture. I knew deep down how great of an idea I thought it was but I had no idea that so many others would feel so strongly about it as well. Obviously you all have some pretty great brains hanging out in those noggins of yours. Must be a blogger thing. So thank you all, from the bottom of my (currently very squishy) heart for all of the love. You have all surpassed my hopes and dreams immensely.

But I'm not done with all these rainbows floating around my skies just yet. I have quite a few things still hanging out in my sleeves waiting to surprise you with even more excitement! And while we have QUITE a ways to go before Blogcation finally arrives, I'm going to give you at least one of those surprises today. Here I go already throwing things out on the third day this baby is alive. Patience is obviously not my strongest virtue...

Anyway, meet the newest speaker added to the Blogcation Conference!

I'm pretty damn excited to have this gorgeous lady joining us to share, not only her impeccable style, but also everything she's learned to grow into one of the top style blogs around blog town. I mean, she didn't attend New York Fashion Week last week for nothing. Girl knows what she's talking about. So go check out her bio on the Blogcation website, show her some love over on her blog, and get that much more excited about attending the blog conference. Oh, have I mentioned that it's going to be epic? 

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out! And for all those who are entirely sick of seeing everything blog cruise, we will resume to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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