The Envy Bug

Well well well, I feel like I'm finally getting back into the swing of things around here. My toes turn to icicles every morning on my way to work, I'm washing the dishes that are dirtied by meals I'm cooking myself, I'm cracking open beers without the help of a deck waiter, and I just washed all of the sand out of my beach-filled bikinis.

Real life is back in full force. And I've been shedding Tom Brady sized tears ever since. 

The only positive part about all of this nonsense comes in the form of this blog. You no longer have to listen to me blab on and on about how excited I am to be going on a cruise or about how amazing my time was on said cruise (even though I'm technically doing that again right now). Because today we're heading back to our regularly scheduled programming. The normal posts. The ones without picturesque scenery and visions of drunk people jumping around in the ocean.

Today's post is something that's been weighing on my mind lately, actually, for quite some time now.

This 50lb mind weight is stored on the shelf at the gym labeled "blogger problems". Or rather problems related to blogging. How typical right? A blogger worrying about blog related things? Completely mind blowing, I know.

I'm not even sure how to get all of these thoughts off the mind shelf and into this blog post now that I'm here. I guess I'm just going to continue on my usual route of throwing up all of the thoughts in my brain, pouring them into this blank space, and hoping for the best. Aka hoping I'm not the only looney bin carrying around these extra 50lbs.

Anyway, here's the thing: There are so many geniuses is in this blog world that I've stumbled upon over the past (almost) two years that I've been here. P.S. holy shit I've been blogging for (almost) two years now. That'll be one mind fuck of a post when that day comes. But back to the geniuses. They come in all shapes and sizes and there are a ton of them popping up all over the place lately.

Some have their own shops filled with all things amazing. There's the one that has gold sequined hangers, the one that has beautiful handmade tulle skirts, the one that has mugs with the cutest sayings plastered on them, the one that houses prints with adorably witty sayings, the one that makes DIY paper garlands, and the other who does chalkboard art and stationary like some sort of self-taught calligraphy pro.

I mean just look at all of this fancy stuff…

Then we have some that don't sell a damn thing yet still come up with some idea or another that leaves me sitting in front of my laptop with my jaw dropped thinking "well damn, that's a great idea, why the hell didn't I think of that." From linkups, to recipes, to DIY projects, to hilarious post ideas, to blog designs, to new business ventures; they're all there.

And then I wipe the drool off of my chin and find myself getting all jealous over all those that are doing these amazing things. I become envious that I didn't come up with the idea first. That I'm not spending time conjuring up some unique idea that everyone and their best blog friend will be flocking to my site to check out or buy. 

Why haven't I used the chalkboard paint I bought a year ago to finally make my own board to decorate on every holiday? Why am I not spending my spare time learning how to sew tutus? Why don't I spend more time staging the meals I cook so they can be Pinterest worthy and go viral? Why haven't I taken an online class on SEO so that I can double the number of unique hits I receive and increase my traffic? Why don't I have my own line of cute mugs and framed prints? Why isn't that one post that I planned on being a "blog hit" receiving 60+ comments from all of my blog friends? Why am I not using my creative juices to whip up some beautiful abstract painting on the blank canvas sitting in my closet? 

I ask myself a question like this just about every damn day when I see something new and amazing hit blogland. Why am I not that cool/smart/creative/focused/determined? And when I don't have an answer I just get completely frazzled and frustrated with all the chaos of wanting to be all of these things that I'm not. But then I reminded myself of my New Year's resolutions, more specifically the one that tells me I need to "calm the fuck down". And that's exactly what I do, because I simply just can't be all of those people. 

And that's OH. KAY.

I'm absolutely not saying I realized that it's okay to be lazy or give up or not attempt to turn our dreams into reality. But I am saying that we need to just focus on our own current aspirations. The things we're innately good at, our own ideas, our own niches. And if we focus all of that energy into the things we're currently working on instead of always driving ourselves into the clusterfuck of "I wish I thought of that / I wish I could do that" we'd all get much, much farther. But if we clutter our heads with too much, we'll just get weighed down and discouraged from not being able to do it all. And then there would be no genius ideas in this amazingly creative and entrepreneurial online community we're all part of. How awful would that be?
So, once again, the moral of the story is to calm the fuck down whenever you find yourself becoming all flustered and frantic from being envious of all of the amazing things happening around you. Take a deep breath, remember that someone else out there is probably envious of whatever you're doing and focus on the good that you yourself are creating, whatever that may be.