I'mmm Back

Oh well hello there friends. I made it back from paradise and am now currently sitting in the tundra that is Manhattan. Don't ask me how I did it because I wouldn't be able to tell you. I now officially know what the definition of "clinical depression" means, because I am most certainly suffering from it right now. That's probably because I was staring at views like this every damn day…

Le sigh… I miss my cruise ship. I miss the friends and family I partied with every day. I miss the perfect 85 degree temperatures and the beaches and the ability to wear a bikini 95% of the day. I miss not having to cook my own food, or make my bed, or pour my own damn glass of wine.

I. Miss. Everything.

Because now I'm just sitting here staring out the window at a blizzard. A blizzard that's set to drop a foot of snow on my head today. Real cute. I honestly couldn't think of a better welcome home party. Hunter boots and the eight year old parka I reserve solely for days like this because it's the ugliest thing ever. High school fashion sense, it just wasn't there folks. But hey, at least I have a pretty sick tan accompanying it right?

P.S. I really did use sunscreen every day so don't harp on me. It's the Native American in me, I'm convinced. P.P.S. if I look like a twelve year old normally, I look like a six year old with my hair up. Yikes.

But now that I've finally gotten back to this little blog of mine, I'm really just not ready to jump into everything that went down this past week. I have about seventy zillion and a half pictures to upload and go through. And that basically sounds as awful as non-Bachelor fans having to read my tweets last night. So I'm going to postpone the vacation recap for another day or so and let someone else take over.

But this just isn't any takeover. And that's because I have Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars here to play today (and teach you a very important lesson). Sarah is basically some sort of genius the way she came in and took over the blog world. I'm pretty sure I don't know of a single other blogger than grew in as little time as she did. And while there are thousands of reasons for her quickly acquired celeb status, I think one of the greatest is the fact that she's a sports fan. Even though she's my enemy of a sports fan… Keep reading to learn why. Oh and if you need me later I'll just be snowshoeing home from work, because I'm pretty positive that's the only way I'm going to make it. Take it away Sarah.


Hi! I'm Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars.

I knew I liked Erin from the first time I read her blog, she was a sports fan, a girl after my own heart! I knew this was going to be a blog I would read religiously. But then, as I started to read more and more of Erin's posts, I quickly realized her preference in sports teams and my preference in sports teams may introduce a bit of a problem in this new friendship of ours. You see, I live in Dallas, Texas.  Home of the Dallas Cowboys, you may have heard of them? America's team?! 

And Erin lives in NYC, home of the New York Giants.  

 For those of you that aren't familiar with how the NFL is setup, let me give you a quick backstory. The league is split into two divisions, the AFC and the NFC.  

So let's think about the way Nordstrom is setup. You've got women's clothes (AFC) and women's shoes (NFC). Then when you get into women's clothes, or the AFC, and women's shoes, or the NFC, it is then broken down even more specifically. 

Let's take women's shoes (NFC):

Women's Shoes North:
Consists of Boots including the 4 brands:
Sam Edelman
Michael Kors 

Women's Shoes South: 
Consists of Pumps including the 4 brands:
Kate Spade
Nine West

Women's Shoes East:
Consists of Athletic Shoes including the 4 brands:

Women's Shoes West:
Consists of Weekend Shoes including the 4 brands:

So every brand is broken down into a category in the shoe section. Each brand is competing to win your affection in their division so you will buy that brand. If you are a huge fan of Nike, you aren't going to all of a sudden pick up a pair of Adidas will you? You may even judge your friend for wearing Adidas…

Ok you probably wouldn't get judgy over a pair of shoes, but do you kind of see mine and Erin's friendship dilemma here? She is Nike, I am Adidas. I won't publicly wear her shoes, and she won't publicly wear mine. She just totally hates on Adidas, and I can't even stand to look at Nike's face.

At least we can both agree that we totally hate Reebok and Asics, right? Errr I mean the Eagles and Redskins. But hey, the NFL regular season is only 17 weeks out of the year, I think Erin and I will be just fine!