Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?

To my dear Mom,

Today is your 51st Birthday. It feels like just yesterday when I was getting all those letters together for you and taking you to a salon to get all dolled up for your (not so) surprise 50th birthday party last year. But here we are yet again. Another year gained in age, yet you don't look or act any older.

Thank goodness for that, because people always say "if you want to get an idea of what a girl will grow up to look like, just take a look at her mother". And if there's any truth to that then I'm well on my way to not looking like an old hag by the time I'm supposed to start looking like an old hag. So thanks for giving me the genes to become a MILF one day mom, it's highly appreciated.

And while we're in the spirit of thanking you for things, let's just keep this little rant going shall we?

Thanks for teaching me how to use the big girl potty. Even though I may not always make it to the potty as an adult (cough, freshman year of college when I peed outside on campus because I couldn't hold it long enough to get to my dorm, cough), I have still learned that this is a very valuable life skill. 

Thanks for packing my lunch every single day until I graduated high school. I only realize now that I'm an adult how annoying of a task this really is. 

Thank you for giving up on trying to dress me and telling me what I can and cannot wear at the prime age of, oh, maybe five? We got along great just for this very reason, I'm sure of it.

Thanks for taking care of my crap. Literally and figuratively.

Thanks for filling our pantry with the best junk food around town. I was the friend that always had the best snacks to trade at the lunch table because of you. And I was the child that grew up knowing how to control my cravings and not house every single chip or piece of candy in sight because it was always readily available.

Thank you for coming to all of my cheerleading competitions even though you had every intention of turning me into a jock just like you.

Thanks for letting me come attach myself to your leg whenever the scary part of a Disney movie happened. "What are you doing here in the kitchen instead of watching Lion King, Erin. Is Mufasa about to die?"

Thank you for giving me your genes in the grammar department instead of Dad's.

Thanks for never once looking at a picture of yourself and saying "Oh that's awful, don't put that up and take another one". Because I'm pretty positive I've never heard you utter those words before and that is one lesson I seriously need to adopt from you.

Thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me so, so, SO many amazing and valuable things. But most importantly, thank you for letting me go and giving me my own wings so that I could learn how to fly without you. I have no idea how it's possible for a mother to love her children so completely and wholeheartedly, yet still give them all the space in the world to go off on their own to do whatever it is they want to do without feeling smothered. But you, my best friend, embody all of that so easily.

So thank you, Mom, for being the superhero that you are and showing me exactly what I'll need to be for my own children one day. You amaze me more and more with each passing year. I love you to the moon and back, and then back and forth a few million more times after that.