Confess Sesh

ONE // I confess that the worst thing in the world happens to be the fact that tanning is bad for you. Do you know how amazing it is to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and not want to run straight back into your bed just because of the way your face looks? Pretty. Damn. Amazing. Being so pale that you're almost purple is not a good look. But sun kissed skin so is. Why oh why must all good things be bad? Really dampens the life parade, you know?

TWO // I confess that I may finally be completely over the cold winters of New York after experiencing this last winter storm. After 24 years I just simply cannot handle it any longer. My body seriously turns into a bomb pop on my way to work. My cheeks are as red as a cooked lobster from the wind whipping at my skin, my toes are completely blue and numb due to the fact that Hunter boots do not keep your tootsies toasty. And the white section of the popsicle? Well just take a look at my butt after being in a bikini on vacation for a week and you'll have that covered. TMI, Erin, T. M. I.

THREE // I confess that I feel like an absolute moron with my hair in a top knot. I didn't wash my hair for the first three days of this week, you know, because I'm super hygienic, so that called for attempting my first "messy ballerina bun". Let's just say I was not impressed with the outcome. Maybe I just didn't do it right? Or other people just look better with a birds nest plopped on top of their noggin but, uh, apparently that's not me. Maybe it's just something I need to get used to? Then again, probably not.

FOUR // I confess that I succumbed to the awful addiction of Teen Mom 2. Yet again. If anyone can think of a guilty pleasure that is guiltier than this one please let me know because I'm pretty sure this one takes the cake entire bakery. First there's Janelle who talks about doing heroin like I talk about eating Chipotle. Then there's her kid who says the F word more than I say it. Oh and don't forget the fact that every single couple is having another child. But that's completely irrelevant right? Holy hell hole, there's no better train wreck. If you're ever feeling down about yourself just watch this show, you'll feel like the most put together human on the planet earth. Amanda Bynes ain't got nothin' on these freak shows.

FIVE // I confess that I'm not at all looking forward to taking a five hour bus ride home today after work. But I do confess that I'm absolutely looking forward to hanging out with most of the same family and friends that were on the cruise with me. It's really hard going from being with a group of people for an entire week and then not getting to see any of them at all. It's quite depressing actually. Almost tear worthy. But I'll be back before I know it having more beers and partying for my brother's "going away to the Army" party. Which is also totally tear worthy, but I'm going to just focus on the happy instead of the sad and have a damn good time with everyone. So hello there weekend, let's do this thing.

Linking up with the ever lovely Leslie from A Blonde Ambition. If you need to get some things off of that chest of yours, I highly recommended this link up. I'll see you all back here, same time same place, on Monday for some Super Bowl fun!


Today I have Ashley from Rainstorms and Love Notes here to show off three of her favorite pictures

When Erin asked me to come up with 3 pictures to sum up my life, I instantly knew what to pick: my husband, our cats, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. My husband and I have been married about a year and a half, and we've just been having fun together along the way. This picture is of us celebrating my birthday a few weeks ago. 

Next up is a picture of two of our cats - Owen (left) and Taby. We got a third cat named Riley a few months ago, but we've yet to get a picture of the three of them together. 

Finally, you should know that I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, if I had to list the top three things that I love, it'd be my family, my cats, and the Steelers. Is that weird? That picture up there is me with Marcus Gilbert the year he was drafted. Football really does make life a little more fun, and the Steelers are a team with a deep history and more Super Bowl wins than any other team. Sure, they're not having a great year right now, but I'm a ride or die fan! 

And there you have it - my life in three images. Come hang out sometime?