Caribbean Cruise 2014

Alright, I think after being back from vacation for a solid three days now, it's about time I put up some pictures. I also think that's just about all I'm going to do in this post, too, because there are more pictures to upload than there are kids with the last name Duggar. Plus there's really no need to explain much when the pictures basically scream "If you don't want to get your ass on a cruise ship then you may or may not have been dropped on your head as a child".

So let's just get straight to it, shall we? 

We boarded the Royal Princess on Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and as soon as we did there were buckets of beers being purchased. Typical. Real typical. But Dos Equis buckets turn into my one and only form of hydration when on cruises, so obviously this was necessary. 

Plus NFL playoff games were about to be blasted over the huge screen that sits on the top deck of the boat. Tell me what's better than jumping from pool to hot tub with a cocktail in hand, all while getting tan AND watching playoffs? I'm going to go with just about nothing. Except for if there was a Chipotle on board. I may have had drug-like withdrawal symptoms while on board guys.

A pre-tan cruise picture with the sister pants was in order since we took the same exact picture together in the same exact spot on the last cruise we were on together. And now it'll just be a yearly tradition.

And a yearly reminder that we both no longer weigh 100.0 pounds...

Then it was off to the islands! On this cruise we went to the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas.

The best part about going on Princess cruises is that they rarely check bags to make sure you aren't sneaking any alcohol on board. Winner winner chicken dinner drinker. Alcohol is basically the only thing you really need to pay for, but when you're smart and hide them away in shoes and sleeves of clothing, you do just fine. 

Oh and then your fridge looks something like this once you unpack it all out of your suitcase. No complaints here.

The most amazing dinners in the entire land, or sea, happen every night. It's an "as many courses as you want" type of meal since you honestly could order every single thing on the menu and get away with it. For instance, that one night when I ordered beef tenderloin, lobster, AND fettuccine alfredo all as just my entrees. 

Seriously your head will spin looking at all of the amazing choices that you just give up and point at the menu and say "this, this, this, this, oh and this, this, and this" to your waiter. Plus you feel like a princess the entire time because they wait on you like you're Kate herself. Who, by the way, was the one who christened the ship we were on by having a naming ceremony and popping champagne at the boat. So basically, I stepped in the same spot that Kate Middleton did. I win everything.

Even though my attire wasn't nearly as exciting as hers. It's definitely still fun to get to dress up for dinner every night, though.

All the friends and family at one of the formal nights.

Dis be my familia. Please try not to pay too much attention to the insanely forced and awkward smile stretched across my face. I really do love them to pieces.

And now we're back to more island hopping since apparently I'm not too great at ordering pictures in the appropriate sequence of events. Or maybe I just had too many beers the entire week to remember which came first? Yeah let's go with that.

This is one of the coolest beaches I've ever been to. It's Maho Beach on St. Maarten and it's insane. The beach is directly behind an airport landing strip so the big jets literally fly in straight over your head.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen this but just in case you haven't, check it out here. It's of one of the planes coming in and it's a pretty spectacular site to see, I must say.

After we got back from the beach I hung out with famous people. Aka, Ken Singleton. Aka an announcer on the YES network for the Yankees. We'll try to forget about the fact that he thought I was twelve and asked me if I honestly knew who the hell he was. Oh Kenny, never underestimate a Yank.

Champagne fountain at another formal night. If my last day alive was this day I would've run straight through it.

Docked at St. Thomas, staring at a ship way smaller than our own that still has a value larger than my own life. Who owns things like this, I do not know, but they better find me quick before this clinical depression gains any more traction.

Magen's Bay is the "main" attraction on the island, as it's a top ranked beach of the world. And for good reason. I just have to try my best not to physically assault the girls that carry drinks up and down the beach as their job. Why is this not MY job? Why am I sitting in the aftermath of a blizzard in negative temperatures drinking piping hot hot chocolate instead of rum punch?


We saw rainbows.

And island creatures.

And apparently flat chested selfies...

But you really can't beat the views. I think my new answer to "what's your favorite color?" (you know, since adults still go around asking people those types of Kindergarten questions) is going to be "the color of the ocean in the Caribbean". Because seriously, is there anything better? Besides the amazing dinners and the watching tv on the top deck while tanning and the being waited on hand and flip flop...

And to sum up the rest of everything I didn't take picture of slash didn't feel like spending more time uploading, I give you the sum of my entire week. And that my friends would be… waving to the camera after downing several beers. 

I couldn't tell you how many random shots I found that look just like this. Yikes.

But in all honesty, this was one of the best vacations I've ever been on. If not thee best. The ship, the cruise staff, the islands, the friends, the family, the food, the drinks, the weather. There's seriously nothing that tops it. Especially for the price. The price seals the whole deal.

And now I'm just depressed again after having recapped all of that. But it's okay because I just have a blog post and plenty more pictures to look back on and say "damn, that was one hell of a good time". So grateful to have all these memories now stashed away to keep forever. 

Cheers to many more on my next cruise vacation. If only I knew when that was. Hmm…