4 Goals for '14 - What I Need to Work On

It's here. Another fresh new page to a brand new year. I tend to think of January 2nd as being the first day of the year as opposed to the 1st. Maybe that's because I tend to not even leave my apartment after the party that is New Year's Eve, let alone my couch. I was praising my DVR all day yesterday for housing the five episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that I needed to catch up on. We had quite the date yesterday, me and all those crazy bitches. We even let the Chinese take-out delivery man interrupt us at one point. Partaaay, let me tell ya. Almost as fun as my actual NYE party that looked a little like this, if only I could add in Karly.

But now we're on to bigger and better things. And by bigger I mean the nor'Easter that's set to dump up to eight inches of snow on Manhattan over the next 24 hours. But that's certainly not better. That is unless my brand new bright pink Hunter boots decide to actually show up in my mailbox tomorrow. Then we'll be having the time of our lives making snow angels in Central Park. But if that doesn't happen we'll just call my new year's resolutions the better part of this whole thing. And that's what today's post is all about.

I'm not really one for that odd "pick one word for the whole year" kind of thing. How in the haystack does one pick just one word?! I simply cannot wrap my brain around that. So then I thought to myself, self, you're too fickle to pick one word so how 'bout you pick a whole quote. And then I thought to myself, self, you can't even manage that so maybe you should just pick four. And that's what I ended up with. Four different quotes/messages to work on this year. And here they are…

This is the one I like to call "I'm really growing up". When you're in high school or college this never really crosses your mind. You kind of just keep the same friends you've had since 2nd grade in your circle. And then once you get to college you stay close to whoever has a fake I.D. and can go buy you alcohol. I'm only halfway kidding about that last one. But now that I'm 24 and 1/2 (so old, I know) I've realized that this is a pretty important lesson to learn. 

Whether it be a friend, a family member, a boyfriend, or your damn dog; having negative people around you will only weigh you down. Having someone in your circle that doesn't reciprocate the same amount of goodness you dish out to them is just as detrimental. We get better as people by other's pushing us to be better. If your friend or significant other is pushing themselves to achieve more then you too will be motivated to do the same. Feed off the vibes of good people and weed out the bad. Because there's that other saying that goes something like "If you hang out with crap, then you too will start to smell like garbage." And no one wants that.

My personal favorite right now. There are so many times in my life that I over think things. I over analyze, I plan like crazy, I go through all the scenarios available, and I try to make the most logical decision possible with as few adverse side effects. Usually this tends to be a pretty good trait to carry through life. But sometimes it's the exact opposite. It causes me to miss out on taking that leap of faith because I'm too scared of falling. 

And I've been working on it recently. Because there are plenty of scenarios that I couldn't possibly determine the outcome of unless I do jump. If I don't jump then I only have Outcome A available. I wouldn't have to partake in any risky behavior to get Outcome A but Outcome A is not at all want I want; I want Outcome B. Yet the only way to find out if I can achieve Outcome B is by forgetting the risk and taking the fall. So here I am doing exactly that. Let's just hope it's actually "worth it all". And let's hope I didn't just lose you in that nightmare of a logic lesson.

Probably the one I need the most work on at this current moment. Patience is something I possess very little of. I can thank my dear old dad for that. Whether it's waiting in line for my burrito bowl at Chipotle, sitting at a red light anticipating the green, or venturing through life without hoping to race ahead to the next exciting milestone. I'm bad at all of it. Seriously just give me the corn salsa already.

When I was in Kindergarten I wanted to be like the pretty girl in middle school who could flip her grown out bangs back with a flick of the wrist (mine were just butterfly clipped on top of my head in corn rolls). When I was in middle school I couldn't wait to be 16 so that I could drive (I wanted a lime green punch bug). When I was in high school I couldn't wait to be able to sit at the local bar with my parents and drink a beer like all the college kids did on winter break. When I got to college all I wanted was a real job and my own apartment to decorate with all the things from Target. And now that I'm finally here I want a husband to have nerf gun fights with all over our apartment and a squishy toddler to put presents under the Christmas tree for. 

And that is exactly why I need to calm the fuck down and be patient. Because everything I've always wanted has eventually happened, I just needed to give it time. So the point is to try to stop rushing through life hoping for the next big thing and just enjoy the ride. Which brings us to the final one…

One day I'm going to run out of milestones to look forward to. One day all I'm going to have are the memories of all those that I had already completed. There won't be as much to wish for and I can only imagine that my wishes when I actually do reach that place will be to go back and relive all of the amazing moments that I'm currently hoping to get to now. And that's why I need to take the time to stop and smell the roses peonies while I'm actually walking through them.

So here's to 2014. To surrounding myself with those that push me to be better. To attempting to block out the fear of falling by going after what I want. To learning how to have a bit more patience. And to realizing I need to live the hell out of each and every moment while I'm currently in it. I think it's going to be one hell of a year.