With Love, Erin

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Open Me, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #OpenMeHoliday  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.”

As you probably remember, my little broski of a brother is heading into the Army soon. He doesn't ship off officially for another two months but it's still something in the forefront of my family's minds on a constant basis. All of the feelings come shooting in every once in a while without warning. When hearing the National Anthem during football games, while watching Military Week on Wheel of Fortune, when thinking about where the heck I'll be in just a couple short months, etc. 

The majority of the sad feelings don't come from thinking about how I'll be while he's away serving our country but more about how he'll be. Will he be lonely? Will he miss us all too much? 

Most likely not since this broski of mine could make a friend out of just about anyone short of a broken broomstick. Seriously, the kid walks into a room and can shoot the shit with each and every person in there with him. I on the other hand would be a straight up mess. But that's why he's the hero volunteering to fight for our freedom while I'm just over here hanging out behind my Macbook. Cool, Erin.

But in the small chance that he does happen to miss me just a little bit, I wanted to send him something that he could pull out from wherever they keep sentimental possessions (do they have a place like that?) and see my shining face smiling back at him. Because, you know, I'm so vain and selfish to think that he'd find comfort in his loneliness just by looking at me. I kid I kid, but I do think it's a sweet idea for him to have a picture of the fam damily and his girlfriend and his puppy and all that for whenever he needs a quick pick me up. 

Enter a Christmas card from Open Me personalized with pictures and a special note sent directly from my laptop to his doorstep. And the process really was as simple and as painless as that. I didn't even need to crack open a beer to get things done. Shocking, I know.

Obviously since I don't take too many things seriously in life (except for keeping my beers light and my wine white) I had to pick a card that wouldn't be too mushy. The entire point of the card is mushy so I wanted to keep things the exact opposite. Luckily enough for me, Open Me has quite a few wise ass options that were all right up my alley Santa's chimney.

I keep things real classy around these parts folks. 

The next step was picking out some pictures to customize the inside and back of the card. Another simple process since I was directed right to my own Facebook so that I could grab whatever I wanted straight from there. So easy a caveman could do it. One with a wifi signal in his cave at least...
These are the ones I chose...

(1) Me and the bro many moons ago at Christmas decked out in matching festive outfits. (2) The whole family on the last cruise we were on together. I look like a Native American, don't mind me. (3) Me and my bro making out. Wait no, that's his girlfriend. (4) Dutch, the cutest baby of a yellow lab pup you ever did lay eyes on. That is until Aria came around.

Then all I had to do was type up my own little personalized note wishing him a Merry Christmas with a reminder that my beautiful face was there to cheer him up if he ever needed. And then wham bam thank you ma'am, picked a date to have that envelope of Christmas goodness arrive right in his mailbox.

Easy as a piece of pie, heartfelt as humanly possible for my Grinch heart to handle, and cheaper than picking one out at Papyrus and slapping a stamp on it. How much do stamps cost these days anyway? The price of a newborn baby? Okay got it. Well if you use this site to do your dirty work you can avoid all that nonsense and make someone's heart all gushy inside.

Plus, I'm all about supporting a company that decides to do things like this on their Pinterest and Instagram accounts…