'Tis Time For Festive Friday

Welcome to this week's edition of Festive Friday. Except for the only problem with today is that I'm not feeling very festive at all. But that's a discussion for a later date, you know, one that doesn't happen to fall on the most glorious day of the week. Friday's are just simply not allowed to coincide with "my mind is a mess" moments. They coincide with counting down the hours until you can kick back at a bar decked out in all things cheerful with a Blue Moon in your hand. Yes, that's exactly what this day was meant for.

Seriously is there anything better in life? 

Actually there just might be. That is if you receive Christmas cards in the mail from your super awesome cousins like the one I got to open last night. If you instantly smile after almost giving yourself a paper cut from trying to open an envelope, you know you got a good card. Now I just need to figure out how to frame it and let is pass as apartment decor year round…

Welp, that's about all I have to offer up here today, solid effort Erin, really. Oh, except for the fact that I'm pretty darn annoyed that Grey's Anatomy left me hanging off a cliff like they did last night (even though I've been waiting FOR-EV-ER for that moment to finally happen). Oh and the other fact that Spotify doesn't have the new Beyonce album available right now. Da fuq?! I call blasphemy.

But it's still Christmas after all and 'tis the season of giving. So instead of leaving you high and dry, I'm just going let some other kids take over. Kids who aren't really kids at all but are still doing this whole merry, jolly, and bright thing way better than I currently am. So here's a compilation of all my most favoritest furbaby friends decked out for the holidays. Because apparently this is how I self-medicate. Hey, better than heroine, right mom? I hope you all enjoy the snugglefest you're about to witness as much as I did. And if you don't then I'm pretty sure our friendship will cease to exist after this post.