This Girl Loves Christmas

It has officially arrived everyone. The month of Christmas cheer is finally here and guess who couldn't be happier?! The answer to that question is obviously me and 100% not my poor puppy. But sticking her butt in the snow and forcing her to sit still while throwing a wreath over her head is just something that had to be done yesterday, seeing as it was December 1st and all. It was pretty hard explaining to her that it was all for the purpose of the blog, though. I think by attempt fifty seven she might have gotten it.

But all of the "Don't move, sit still, stop biting the wreath, look this way, come back, and don't turn the snow yellow" commands were all necessary in order to document the amazing shirt I'm wearing. I mean could it be any more perfect for me?! And the answer to this question is obviously 100% yes since I could add (+ Chiptole + Puppies + Beer) underneath the Christmas part. No but seriously, best shirt ever. It even beats out the fifteen grey and white striped ones sitting snug in my closet right now. And that right there is saying something. You can find your own version here if you too are annoyingly obsessed with the holidays.

I guess the normal thing to be doing in Blogland today is probably talking about Thanksgiving. But that feels like a really long time ago and I didn't take a single picture other than of my dinner plate so recapping all of that seems somewhat pointless at the current moment. Plus I'm really just kind of sad the feasting is all over and I have to get my ass back to the gym in preparation for the cruise I will be setting sail on in less than six weeks. Yikes! 

But on a serious note, Christmas ham 'aint got NOTHING on Thanksgiving turkeys. And I most certainly did tell my grandmother that while I was home this weekend in preparation for the next holiday. I don't understand why we limit ourselves to just one turkey meal a year when there are 364 other days that would be just as suitable for bird dining.

I also don't understand why we can't simply celebrate all things holiday all year long. I'm happier just having stepped out of my apartment this time of year because the streets of Manhattan are all lined with pop-up Christmas Tree shops. It seriously fills my heart with so much happiness that I divert my usual route just so I can walk through them. And then stop to take pictures for Instagram…

But that's really all I've got going on today since my head is, once again, still swimming with mush. That means it's time for me to hand over the reindeers (see what I did there?) to someone else and let her do some talking. 


Today I have Steph from Insert Classy Here doing a little three picture introduction of herself. She just recently moved right across the Hudson River from me, and even though she resides in the Dirty Jerz and not the best state there ever was, I still kind of like her. Emphasis on kind of. I'm totally kidding, you're going to love her just like I do. Take it away lady!

(1) I'm Steph. My husband is Justin. We live in Minnesota, but we are moving to the East Coast in less than two months and we are beyond excited. We are expert road trippers, really good at making up our own songs and could both live off of mac & cheese for the rest of our lives. (2) We have two dogs, Lola & Quincy. Lola, Rat Terrier/Chihuahua, is a bundle of energy half the time, but the other half, she just loves to snuggle. Quincy is a professional napper and has the most relaxed personality of any dog I've ever met, plus who doesn't love a Schnauzer. (3) I love fall. I took this last year on our street. I also love wine, coffee, cupcakes, Bravo TV, books, beer and baseball.