The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Oh hey, it's just me showing up to class for the second time today. Something about leaving you with just a giveaway felt wrong. But I still don't really feel like sharing too many details from this brain of mine at the current moment, so we're going to do things a little differently today. 

Ever since I can remember I've been obsessed with Cosmo magazines. When I was younger it was because I thought it was ballsy and "a little bit against the rules" to be flipping through pages of sex tips and ways to please your man while my mom checked out at the grocery store. This was also probably around the same time that I thought Dirty Dancing was a bad movie because of all the, well, dirty dancing. Thank god I grew up, guys, really. 

But the other thing I loved so much about the mags were the celebrity quizzes. You know those pages right at the beginning of the section for that month's cover girl where they filled in the blanks and answered multiple choice questions? Ya those. I loved the shit out of them. So I decided to take on the task myself this morning by creating my own Cosmo inspired blog quiz. Because every girl deserves to be a celebrity for a day. That's totally not true. But here you are anyway…

Phew, that was so much better than pouring the contents of this head of mine into these blank pages. You're welcome for that by the way. If you want to pretend to be a celeb with me and play along, just click on the link below, download the quiz by clicking the arrow in the upper left hand corner, and then fill in the blanks yourself! And if you want to share your answers with the rest of the blogworld you can come back and link up your posts here.