One Year. One Picture. One Hell of a Ride

The lovely Jena from Recently Roached came up with this genius idea to recap our entire last year in just one single picture. After a solid week of wondering what the hell I'd actually use as my one and only picture, I realized that this was a lot harder than I intended. That's what she said. But Jena had it pretty damn easy since she's pregnant and all. Not like that's a monumental, life changing event that should mark a distinctive moment in time or anything… I mean, I was thinking she'd go with one of her ridiculously amazing DIY projects, but hey, I guess a baby works too.

But now it's time for me to share my own life-changing moment captured in the form of a single snapshot of time. The only problem being that I didn't really have one of those this year. So we're just going to go with something a little less straight forward. Oh and we're also going to steal someone else's picture. Good thing this little game doesn't have any rules.

A roller coaster ride. That'd be my one year in one picture.

We already discussed this a bit in the "Roller Coaster Ride" post from a couple weeks ago. But that was more of a ride through one situation when, in reality, I can say the entire last 365 days of my life were quite the ride as well. 

My heart was securely fastened in the front seat and on it's way out of the gate from the minute the clock struck midnight and brought us into this present year. There were quite a few highs in the beginning of the year. Some of the happiest highs I could ever imagine existing. Don't worry mom, I wasn't popping E. Cee-Lo just snuck it in my drink for me. Totally not my fault. 

And I digress.

But with the highs come the lows, and boy did they come. Niagra Falls had nothing on me for a solid week. But then the coaster leveled out again. I gained my grounding and got all the pieces of my heart stitched back together. And then the highs came again. I forgot about all the lows from earlier in the year and I was well on my way up another exciting journey. And then, you guessed it, the low followed several months later. But here we are making our way into the upside of things once again, and my heart's holding on for dear life. With every turn. With every loop. With every flutter of the tummy. I'm holding on and I'm holding on tight.

Because life is chock-full of ups and downs; highs and lows. We scream all the way down yet we still get right back on the roller coaster. And why? Why do we subject ourselves to the madness of it all? Well because we realize it's all insanely and completely worth it. The ride is a mess. But it's perfectly okay to be a mess because, well, it means we're living. 

Here's to hoping the New Year is filled with just as much mess and a few less lows. Cheers ladies! Be safe, be sparkly, be drunk, and don't kiss any duds.