I'm A Big Kid Now

There's really nothing I like more than some polka dots and winter white vest action. Actually there are plenty of things I like more than some polka dots and winter white vest action. Babies wearing rain boots, acquiring the perfect sun kissed tan, frozen Snickers bars, not burning my scrambled eggs, etc. 

But it turns out I'm really bad at this whole posting pictures of the shit I'm wearing and then attempting to write paragraphs about it. Maybe this is the exact reason why fashion bloggers seem to call it a day after putting up seventeen pictures of themselves at different angles with one measly paragraph underneath? No offense to any of you fashion bloggers, it must be extra hard to capture the attention of strangers in  just one single paragraph when it obviously takes me quite a few. I'm amazed by all of you and your attention to detail. I have none of that. I throw out 5/6th of the photos I take because I realize I had a chunk of hair in my mouth sixty seconds in.

But anyway, back to the point of posting these pictures today.

Go take a good look at them. Like really get your eyeballs in there. I'll even wait a second or two for you to scroll back up there one more time. You see those blurry, grainy, out of focus, crappy pictures? Yeah well those will be the last you will ever see on this very blog of mine. No, not because I'm quitting blogging or deciding to make your life hell by depriving you of visual stimulation. It's really just because I bought myself a brand spankin' new fancy pants camera. This calls for a Vicky Gunvalson "woohoo" moment.

There we got it. Now let's all give one big "buh bye" to Erin's iPhone 5 photography skills and one big "hell finally fucking yeah" to Erin's new Canon EOS Rebel 3Ti. Hallelujah Mary and Joseph, I feel like I've graduated from Happy Meal to Burger King big kid's meal over here all within a day's time. Well a Cyber Monday's time. Because that's the only reason I actually pulled the trigger and threw half a grand down the drain.

I ended up going with the Canon because it seemed like all the cool kids were doing it Whitney told me to. But I have absolutely negative fifty thousand clues on how to use it. Seriously I googled "beginner's guide to DSLR" and felt like I was back in AP Calculus. 

So now I'm all freaking out in my yoga pants over here wondering how in the hell I'm ever going to  learn how to turn all those knobs and click all those buttons in order to not have my pictures look like a pre-k kid had a heyday with a display model on the counter at Best Buy. 

All in all this post was basically a way for me to shout from the rooftops that I'm finally one of the popular kids on the playground with my pretty camera. But it is also a cry for photography lessons/tips/tricks kind of post so that I don't regret purchasing a camera that could have taken me to more Thirsty Thursdays than I can manage to count right now (obviously the AP Calc didn't stick). So cheers to finally allowing myself to not cringe every time I upload pictures to this very blog of mine. I hope this ride goes smoother than my legs feel at this current moment.