I Consider Animal Print A Neutral

Long sleeve tee: Gap // Vest: Old Navy // Scarf: Oakleigh Rose c/o // Jeans: American Eagle

You know that quote from Jenna Lyons, the creative director at J.Crew, that goes something like "as far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral"? Well that's exactly how I feel about this scarf because I'd wear it with just about anything. I take that back, I HAVE worn it with just about everything. 

I've thrown it on over a little black dress and heels, I've piled it on top of my GapFit hoodie and leggings ensemble, I've paired it with my every day long sleeve tee and skinny jeans outfit. You name it, this scarf has come along for the ride. And that's because it's the coziest and cutest infinity scarf I've owned in quite some time. 

The pieces in my closet tend to be pretty calm and reserved. Neutrals tend to be my safety blanket and I never really seem to stray too far outside of my comfort zone. But sometimes I want to add a little oomph to the whole thing and what easier way to achieve that than with a scarf. The thing I probably hate most about warm weather is the simple fact that I can't wrap one around my head and call it a day. A necklace to a normal girl's outfit is a scarf to mine. And this scarf quickly turned into my favorite necklace in the jewelry box.

It's from Oakleigh Rose, an online boutique run by the sweetest, kindest, and most professional mother/daughter duo around. The customer service is on point, the shipping takes less time than it does for me to dig through my Longchamp to even find the key to open my mailbox, the quality of the products are great and the price points don't make my wallet scream in agony.

Plus you can't really hate on a company that willingly gives away free products. That's right, one lucky reader will win the exact scarf I've been gushing about just by entering the Rafflecopter below. So if you want to throw this leopard beauty over all sorts of outfits just like I do then get to entering! I promise you won't be disappointed. And if you can't hold back those horses of yours and you just want to go ahead and purchase some things now then it's your lucky day because you'll receive a $15 off coupon if you spend $30 or more. So that's basically 50% people. Merry Christmas two days later.

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