I Come Bearing Gifts

Welcome to the final installment of Festive Friday. I could probably shed a few tears over that last sentence if I wasn't so stinkin' happy that this day has finally arrived. I seriously was about to re-watch Adam Sandler's "Click" in order to figure out how to fast forward to this exact moment. But I made it without destroying my entire life in the process. It's fine-uh-lee vacation time, kids. I'll be hopping on a plane to head to Charlotte for a long weekend as soon as I get out of work today and then I'll be hopping on another plane to fly home from there on Christmas Eve. So much goodness all wrapped up into one week!

---Cue ecstatic jumping around the living room in my undies dance here---

But since I still have a few hours left to go until I book it to JFK, I guess I can entertain this little blog of mine before the craziness ensues. The only problem being I haven't had much entertainment occurring this past week since I've been nursing those bug bites of mine in the seclusion of my apartment. So I figured it was about time I did an Instagram recap. It's been quite a few months since I've done one and my entire last two weeks of grams are basically all Christmas related so it seemed fitting for Festive Friday. Let's get to it.

1. SantaCon was last weekend. If you're unaware of what SantaCon is then you should probably live a little more. And then fly to the nearest city to participate in the madness next year. This was my outfit for the festivities. If I could wear it every day of my life I absolutely would.

2. If you were unaware of the inspiration behind the ugly sweater then you REALLY need live a little more. And then go watch The Grinch right this very instant. Like seriously just stop reading this post and go watch it. It's that good that I don't even care if you stick around. But anyway, the Grinch wears it to the Whobilation and I've always always always wanted to make my own version of it. So I did and this is the comparison of his to mine. I'd say it was rather successful. Pair it with the homemade red tutu I made and we were in business.

3. We all know how much I love my Hunters and boot socks. I won't bore you with the details.

4. This is what the streets of Manhattan look like all December long. The Christmas trees come all the way from Quebec and Maine and Upstate New York and wherever else they have forests of majestic beauties. Then they get dropped off on the sidewalks and wait for New Yorkers to come shell out three times the normal amount of cash to purchase them. It makes total sense.

1. A Target pajama set and a Target Christmas mug with my very own initial on it. If it wasn't for the recent credit card debacle, I'd say how much I love Target (you know, because I've never done that before). But I'm rather pissed off at them right now. Or at me for having shopped there between November 27th and December 15th because now I get to check my credit card statements for fraud every day. Bitches.

2. Radio City lit up in all its wonder. How I haven't gone inside to see the Rockettes is beyond my rationale right now. Next year; it's happening.

3. These big red balls are right across the street from Radio City. They're really big and really pretty and they really make me feel like I will never be able to live anywhere other than New York City during the month of December ever again for the rest of my life. I mean, I haven't really visited any other cities during the holidays but I just somehow know deep down in my soul of souls that my city does it better than any other. Don't even try to fight me on this one, you know it's true.

4. All that is genius in the form of a Christmas card mailed to me by my dear cousin. #hiiiiiibuddy

1. A morning filled with faux fur, fair isle and frozen hot chocolate. Not bad, not bad at all. Just add in another f word and we'd be in business. #sorrymomanddad

2. Rudolph the twine wrapped candle, had a very pom pom nose. A pretty foolproof way to turn a boring ass candle into something festive for your windowsill. I'm pretty sure you can probably figure out how everything went down with this one. Two hundred hot glue sticks and all the things you see pictured and you're set to make your very own kitty scratching post Rudolph candle.

3. Baking cookies in the coziest fuzzy slipper booties ever in the history of life. Again from that place that got hacked by assholes.

4. My favorite way to layer all the things. I just really need Gap to stop having 40% off everything sales so I can stop buying all the things to layer all the things. It's just not very fair to those dollars that like to stay snug as can be in my savings account. But if you show me gingham, I will for some unknown reason need to purchase it. 

And now that we've experienced all that Christmas craziness, and completed our final Festive Friday, I feel like I should be giving away some presents. Just without all that flying around the world and sliding my ass down chimneys nonsense. I'll leave that to Tim Allen. But since I'm officially on vacation for a solid nine days as soon as 4:00pm rolls around, I'm feeling a tad bit happier than usual. And that means it's time to give away some dirt cheap ad space. Except for there's no giveaway involved at all. Everyone wins! 

Just head on over to my advertising page to grab your medium sized ad spot for only five bucks. All you need to do is enter the promo code HOHOHO to receive the discount. But the deal is today only so make sure you hurry your tushy. Merry Christmas friends! I hope you have yourselves as marvelous a weekend as I plan to have.

P.S. I'm being featured today over at Eve's Addiction as their New York representative. Head on over there to see my full interview on winter trends, city fashion and all things NYC Christmas!