Erin's Favorite Things 2013

Holy bananas in pajamas, this post right here marks my 500th. It doesn't even seem real. I feel like one of those moms that hits a milestone with their child and posts something on Facebook about how fast the time is flashing before her eyes and says things like "I swear she was just being laid on my chest yesterday, tear." But that truly is how I feel about my own baby of a blog. 

I'm 100% positive that I was just writing posts like this yesterday.

With one line for each sentence.

Centered and all that good stuff. You know, not really writing about much…
but needing to make it look like I was so I'd do it like this just to make everything spread out more.

Oh the good old days.

Apparently we've come along way from all of that, though. Because now I blabber on for a good seven minutes before realizing I should probably start separating shit out into paragraphs so as not to lose you completely in the midst of all the text chaos. You're welcome for that by the way. It takes a conscious effort for me to correct myself and not pull the fifth grade run on sentence, paragraph, entire blog post
But back to that 500th post thing. I'm not really going to get all sentimental on you and tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by my part of the world to read the nonsense I dish out on the daily. Obviously I am more than grateful for that and love you all for making it possible for me to come here and do exactly this on the daily. But I frankly find all of that quite boring. Just like I think it's pretty lame to go on ranting about how I'm thankful for my family and friends on Thanksgiving. Duh, I'm thankful for them. But I'd rather write about being grateful that I rarely get paper cuts or that I have a job that allows me to wear pajamas to work. 

And now that we're over Thanksgiving and onto a new holiday, I'm getting all annoyed by the people who are trying to turn people having Christmas wish lists into something negative.

I call bullshit. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days style.

Of course the holiday is about family, and loving one another, and being kind, and feeling the magic, and Jesus if you so happen to be religious. But good lord, I'm pretty sure most of the human population realizes that and practices those actions EVEN if they post a freaking holiday gift guide on their blog or writes their wish list down on a reindeer shaped notepad and slaps it on the fridge. It's just simply more fun that way. I'll do my random acts of Christmas kindness, I'll celebrate the love I have for family and friends, I'll feel the magic every day that I walk the decorated streets of Manhattan, but I'll also make myself a damn Christmas wish list and not apologize for it.

And that's exactly what I'm doing today. Except for I'm taking a page out of Oprah's book to do an "Erin's Favorite Things" type of wish list. Here we go kids:

1) Longchamp, more specifically the Le Pliage tote. If anyone ever asks me for handbag recommendations I go straight to this bag. I got the one I currently have for Christmas a couple years ago (maybe three now?) and I have honestly worn it 300 out of the 365 days each year. I'm that in love with it. I carry a ton of shit around with me on the daily. Sneakers for the gym, makeup bag, laptop to blog during nap time at work, an extra change of clothes, brush, my lunch, the entire contents of my apartment, etc. But it's great because it's so extremely light weight that it doesn't add any extra bulk to all of the existing stuff I carry around. Plus it's waterproof so I never have to worry about getting caught in the rain. Find your own here.

2) Relax Riesling. There aren't too many things that can put a smile on your face after walking in your front door after a long ass day than a bottle of your favorite wine. And while most of my favorites come from the Finger Lakes region where I grew up, this one is also up there on the list of those that make my heart do happy dances. It's light, white, sweet, somewhat fruity (maybe?) and just all things wonderful in the world. If you like your wine somewhat sweeter than the average "I stuck rotting grapes in the toe of a dirty sock and then poured it into my glass" then you should probably check this one out. Find out where you can get your drink on here.

3) White down comforters. I've always, always been obsessed with bedding (I mean it was two of the things on my Holiday Wish List this year). But I remember walking into stores when I was little and wondering how in the hell they got their bed sets to look like they fell straight from heaven into those showrooms. They're just so fluffy and cozy looking. Once I grew up, I realized part of the trick was having eighteen hundred pillows (which I now do) but also to have a down comforter folded up lengthwise laying across the bottom of the bed. They don't just make a statement, but they also are insanely practical in case you start to freeze your tits off in the middle of the night. I'm loving this one from Zen Bedrooms but if you're not into all white everything then you could go with the one I currently have from IKEA that has small grey details.

4) Hunter rain boots. I'm pretty sure I've beaten this one over the head around these parts but this is a favorite things list so it just wouldn't be complete without mentioning them. My favorites are just the Original Tall non-glossy ones in black. Because if I'm going to drop 150 bucks on a pair of fucking rain boots you better believe I'm going to get a pair to match every single thing in my closet. But now that I have the basic black covered I've been eyeing all sorts of fun colors like the olive green or even PINK version. Also, I've heard that chicks with small feet can get away with buying the matching kids size and no one knows the difference other than your waller. So if you need me I'll be in the kids section of the nearest department store. Start jumping in puddles with your own pair here.

5) Caitlin Wilson Textiles. If I had to pick a website to live in it would easily be this one. You probably already know what I'm talking about if you ever pinned that pink couch with all the fabulous gold pillows thrown on top of it that made it's way around Pinterest faster than you can say "gimme that". I can't really put into words how obsessed I am with every single fabric on this site, though. I'm actually just confused as to why I didn't have to give the okay before someone emptied the contents of my heart onto all of these textiles. They're simply perfection. And if they didn't cost more than my left kidney they would be scattered all over my apartment. One day, friends, one day.

And then I just previewed this post and realized it was already ten pages too long. So I think we're just going to have to have a part two for all of this nonsense next week. Because today is Friday and I have quite a few too many other things to attend to at this very moment. Like getting my workout on now so that I can begin my weekend as soon as the clock strikes 5:00pm this afternoon. Cheers ladies!


Today I have Amanda from Denim & Daydreams here sharing three of her most favorite pictures. She puts together quite the array of fashion inspired collages that make me swoon on the daily. She's such a sweetheart so be sure to check her out!

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